4 Signs That You Need Help from One of the Stucco Repair Specialists Boulder Colorado

4 Signs That You Need Help from One of the Stucco Repair Specialists Boulder Colorado


Stucco is a durable material that can last more than half a century. During that time, it may or may not need some type of maintenance. The good news is that it’s possible to repair most issues and continue to enjoy the stucco for decades. If you see any of these common issues develop, rest assured that one of the stucco repair specialists Boulder Colorado can help.

Stucco That’s Crumbling in Places

There are a number of factors that can cause stucco to crumble. Not all of them are readily apparent. If you notice some crumbling, don’t assume that the entire wall or other part of the structure has to come down. In many instances, the issue has to do with a small section. When that’s the case, a simple repair by a specialist will undo the damage and make things right again.

As part of the repair, the specialist will also identify the underlying cause of the crumbling. That too will be resolved before the repairs are made. Thanks to the effort made by the specialist, the same issue is not likely to develop again.

Water Damage

Water damage can result when the structure is subjected to prolonged and unusual amounts of moisture. The issue could have to do with an interior pipe that is leaking and exposing the inside area of the stucco to some sort of moisture. Perhaps wicking is taking place for some reason. It could be water damage due to issue with the gutters or possibly something to do with the roof flashing beginning to fail.

You can depend on stucco repair specialists Boulder Colorado to isolate the origin for the water damage and provide some guidance on what sort of work is needed to prevent the same problem from happening again. Once those changes are made, the specialist can utilize repair methods designed to undo the damage and ensure the stucco is once again solid and sound.

Cracks That Seem to Be Widening

Seasonal changes, home settling, and a number of other factors may contribute to cracking. In many cases, the cracking is minor and can be repaired with relative ease. An expert in stucco restoration Boulder Colorado can evaluate the number and severity of the cracks and determine the best way to restore the wall. If there are signs of some serious structural defect, the specialist can help you locate a contractor who can address those issues before the stucco is repaired.

Bubbling or Buckling

Bubbling or buckling can occur when some sort of moisture gets through the finish and seeps into the underlying material. Essentially, the moisture causes the salt found in the product to dissolve. The weakens the stucco and causes it to bubble along the surface or even buckle outward slightly. In this scenario, replacing the damaged stucco is the only real solution. Once done, the surface is sealed with a strong coating to prevent the problem from happening again.

If you notice anything unusual about the home’s stucco, don’t assume the worst. Call a specialist and have the wall checked. In many cases, the issue is a minor one that can be resolved with a quick and relatively inexpensive repair.


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