3 Tips for Planning a Fun Summer Festival

3 Tips for Planning a Fun Summer Festival


Weekend festivals are an entertaining way to bring a community together and enjoy the great outdoors. Some festivals center around music concerts while others offer a variety of activities for participation by both children and adults. If you’re planning a community festival in your area, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you get the ball rolling.

1. Vary Your Activities

Be sure that your festival offers fun activities for people of all ages and various interests. You might have one area dedicated to musical performances by local artists, for example, with a separate area designated for food trucks. Maintaining a local focus on your food and entertainment offerings is a great way to give a community vibe to your festival.

Offering a kids’ tent near where musical performances are happening can keep whole families entertained at one time as parents listen while kids play. If you have the option to incorporate a larger exhibit such as classic cars or an art fair into your event, you’ll attract an even wider audience.

2. Attend to the Basics

No matter what type of weather you anticipate, make sure that people can easily stay hydrated at your festival. You want to be sure people stay safe while enjoying your event. Offering plenty of stations where folks can fill their reusable water bottles is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. Selling bottled water is also great for attendees who don’t bring their own containers.

Of course, if you’re keeping people hydrated, they’ll also need restroom facilities. Take advantage of a service that provides mobile restrooms to ensure that participants have easy access to clean bathrooms throughout the festival.

3. Market Your Event

Make sure that people in your community, and in surrounding areas as well, know when and where your celebration is happening. Putting up posters and fliers in prominent locations around town can be a great way to attract attention. Many cities also have social media accounts that can be used to promote local happenings. Check with any media outlets as well to see if they can run a feature on your event to ensure a good turnout. A well-attended festival is one that is likely to be given the green light to come back again in future years.

With some planning beforehand, a great local festival can be a wonderful way to bring a community together. The tradition of an annual event gives people something to look forward to all year.


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