5 Simple Ways to Make Your Office Reception Area More Welcoming

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Office Reception Area More Welcoming


No matter how big or small your office area is, you have to be smart and creative in using your space. And of the things you should pay attention to is your reception area.

For one, it is the first thing that people will do once they step into your office. And these people can be your employees, customers, and potential business partners.

That said, your reception area is what makes the first impression.

If you want to put your best foot forward, here are five ways to have a welcoming office reception area:

Use Proper Lighting

Whether at home or in the office, proper lighting makes it easy to get things done. That’s because it reduces eye fatigue and headaches and prevents workplace-related incidents.

In normal circumstances, we would suggest letting the natural light into your office. However, reception areas are usually deprived of sunlight.

That said, the next step is to look for the best artificial light option. Depending on where the reception area is situated, you can opt for an overhead light or a corner lamp. What matters is that you use an LED or CFL bulb as it mimics natural light, and it is energy-efficient.

Another thing to keep in mind is finding a balance. Bright light can cause headaches, while dimness can let off a cavernous vibe.

Opt for Minimalist Furniture

Another issue with creating a reception area is that furniture pieces take up the most space. That said, we suggest that you look for minimalist pieces, especially if you have a small commercial area.

When we say “minimalist,” we do not mean skeletal and open furniture. Instead, look for pieces that are functional yet do not take up so much space.

For instance, you can opt for a six-feet wide desk shell reception table instead of an L-shaped one unless privacy matters most to you.

What’s important is that your receptionist has ample space to place her computer and phone, keep some files, and secure her personal belongings. That way, she can work with ease.

Take Advantage of the Space

Speaking of minimalist furniture, your reception area must hug the perimeter. This is ideal if you have a small reception area.

That’s because even the most minimalist furniture pieces can take up space. Hence, you will need to position these pieces in a way that does not hinder mobility.

And if your reception area is adjacent to the waiting area, do not push all your furniture against the wall. Consider adding indoor plants, a coffee table in the middle, and a magazine rack on the side.

That way, you are adding depth and functionality to the whole area.

Add Some Decors

If you think that your reception area looks drab, it might need some decoration. Sometimes, adding a small, potted plant might do the trick.

Another trick you can do is adding a mirror in the waiting area. Doing so gives the illusion that you have a large space.

PRO TIP: Place the mirror in front or near the light source. That way, it can bounce light, which will make the room feel spacious and airy.

When designing and decorating an office reception area, it would be best to think of a theme. That way, you will end up in a space that is cohesive and does not look cluttered.

Lastly, do not go overboard with the decors. Otherwise, it makes your reception area look messy.

Keep it Spick and Span

Last but not least, it is imperative to keep your reception clean.

Regardless of your business’s nature, your visitors will make an opinion about you as soon as they step into the office. Hence, the people at Maid Sailors Commercial Cleaning Service New York advises ensuring your reception area’s cleanliness.

It can be as simple as letting the janitor sweep and mop the floor every once in a while, throw the trash properly, and organize the magazines in the rack. We also suggest hiring a professional office cleaner who can deep clean your reception area at least monthly.

Doing so helps you reap the following benefits:

  • Accurately communicate that your company always aims for excellence.
  • Draws a professional image of your business and its employees.
  • Helps improve your employees’ mindset.
  • Provide a relaxing and cozy space for your visitors.
  • Increase your closed business deals.

Just because you have a small reception area does not mean you will leave its condition to fate. You would be surprised how decluttering can help brighten up your office reception area.

Remember: It is All About the Visitor

Designing a reception that is confined in a limited space can seem like a challenge. But keep in mind that the reception area is meant to welcome office visitors.

That said, we suggest breaking down the space into individual components. And the focus on how these components will function and can accommodate your visitors.

Doing so allows you to focus on your visitor and ensures that you have a welcoming reception area.

You want to consider what effect your reception area has on your customers, and incorporating nature into the space can have a wide variety of benefits. For more information on how adding nature into your office space can help, please see the infographic below.

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