5 ways to make your property more appealing to buyers in 2022

5 ways to make your property more appealing to buyers in 2022



Buying or selling a property comes with several responsibilities irrespective of the location. Selling a property in a place like London or any other borough in the UK is not so simple despite the growing demand across the country. Being in the seller’s market with a limited number of properties matching the buyer ratio, it is possible to sell homes quickly if it is made more appealing to the buyer’s crowd. When sellers expect a humongous amount for their property, it is only fair when they provide maximum value through their house for sale. The first step towards successful marketing is to make it look lucrative and appealing to the eyes. To implement this strategy, landlords must adopt all the necessary tips so that they can Fastrack the selling process and get their ideal buyers to visit their property within a short time. People can try doing the following strategies to start with before they begin their selling process in a full-fledged manner.


During open houses or private home viewings of London properties, they would expect the place to be free of clutter like unnecessary furniture, and other elements that disturb the appearance of the place. Likewise, when selling a property, it is necessary to give a fresh look to the entire place with a new coat of paint, changing tapered curtains and carpets. As soon as a person enters a home, they check for the kitchen and bathrooms in the house. Giving a complete makeover and fixing the boilers and gas connections will increase the property value and become appealing.


One thing that never fails to grab the attention of a property viewer is the open space of the property. Many people are seen moving to a new place so that they can have a dedicated green backyard or a patio with a bigger house. Outdoor space is as difficult to maintain as the indoor premises of a house. Mowing lawns, clearing the litterfall and maintaining the flowery shrubs in a proper good way are essential to keep the yards clean. The patio part should be cleaned thoroughly including the cooking units and the seating space for a better curb appeal.


The strategy of under promise and over deliver has always worked miraculously in many industries especially when it comes to the real estate sector. Turning extra space into useful rooms will increase the number of total rooms and would give an instant increase in the property value. Rooms like a dedicated home office, game room in a garage or transformed attics into extra bedrooms will appeal to a larger crowd. The post-pandemic effect on house hunting is massive as people have started focusing on things that weren’t considered before. Indoor gyms and fitness centres are a lucrative deal to pitch.


If there is something that could turn the heads of thousands in an instant, a competitive price tag on a property. When the seller plans to have their property entered into online portals and listings, they must make sure to price it correctly to avoid unnecessary hassles. Underpricing a property would help with quick sales but land the seller in severe financial losses. While overpricing the property would further push the property down into a stagnant sea of unsold assets in the UK. Comparing the properties for sale in London and other neighbourhoods will give a rough idea about the pricing strategy.


Getting the house ready for sale includes way too many responsibilities that have to be ticked off before it appears on property listing sites. The littlest things tend to offend people and could easily direct them to other homes. The most minor elements like holes and cracks would put off a buyer. Regular maintenance is necessary to reduce damages and keep them minimal. Replacing old light bulbs with a brighter one will look attractive. Fixing the electric lines, equipment, boilers and heaters will enhance the overall value. It will also show the sellers in a good light. Several landlords would try to sell their properties in a hurry and fail to eradicate the pain points that lie within. Not many would find enough time to make their house look attractive and lag behind in the selling race. In this situation, sellers must maintain the property throughout their stay and try clearing the clutter, clean the place thoroughly and take up little assignments regularly to keep their house ready for sale despite their urgency or other unlikely situations.


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