6 Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Holiday Home

6 Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Holiday Home


As with all purchases, the decision to buy a vacation home must be keenly considered. As lifestyle assets, holiday homes are also considered as income-producing properties, even though some owners prefer not to rent them out. Considering the high costs of owning a home, it is advisable to opt for the idea of investing in shared holiday homes Mallorca. But to ensure you make the right decision, the following are factors that can help you:

1. Use of the Property

When visiting https://www.21-5.com/ for a vacation home, you must consider the use of the property. For instance, small apartments or one-bedroom homes will be suitable if it will only be you and your spouse. However, if you will be inviting the entire family and friends for a staycation, then you will have to opt for a bigger home.

2. Strategic and Appropriate Location

A vacation home away from your first home should be situated in an area, which will make you happy. Whether you prefer somewhere, which is in direct proximity to a very busy city or a remote location immersed in the countryside to recharge, opt for a suitable location. If you enjoy weekend getaways, invest in a property in the countryside. But if you like taking road trips yearly, opt for a busy city.

3. Peak Buying Times

Look for a vacation property out of season. Avoid buying a beach house during summer or a mountain chalet during winter as you will spend a lot on the property. Buying out of season means you will have a sense of the town/city as well as its amenities, not to mention, that there are a few buyers. Even for emotional purchases, there are bad and good times to do just that.

4. Legalities

All countries have their own set of rules governing ownership of properties, especially for non-citizens. Therefore, ensure you completely understand all the legal requirements in a preferred location. A professional property attorney is definitely worth their weight in gold when it comes to legal matters. The last thing you want is to purchase a property, which you can’t rent out the property or aren’t allowed to spend time for a few years. This is why it is crucial to have all the details about the legalities to avoid getting disappointed.

5. Parking

Remember to think of parking when investing in a vacation home as it matters a lot for most holidaymakers. Ask yourself these questions. Is it a shared driveway, private drive, or roadside parking? And can your guests park outside the house or will you have to pay for a nearby public car park? In addition, know that some parts will require parking permits, plus guests must be informed about annual summer pedestrianization programs when parking in town. Meanwhile, properties with private driveways are the best. They will allow you to easily unload your luggage and is suitable for families with kids or people with mobility issues.

In conclusion, a holiday home is a great investment. This is why when investing in one, you have to consider factors, like parking, legalities, location, use, and buying times, to name a few.


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