7 Ways to Instantly Modernize Your Bathroom

7 Ways to Instantly Modernize Your Bathroom


Does your bathroom feel drab and dated? Are you working with a limited budget for bathroom remodeling? No worries! You can instantly modernize your bathroom without spending a fortune. Check out these affordable bathroom remodeling tips.

1. Eliminate Dated Tile Colors

The color of your tile ages your bathroom. Pastel blue, olive green, mustard yellow – tile trends have gone through some colorful phases through the decades. Replacing your tile will be costly and time consuming. Once you start the demolition, you may open a can of worms. Thankfully, you don’t have to replace the tile to change the color.

With tile refinishing, a fresh glaze can be applied over your existing tile. You could choose classic white, a stone-like finish, or any number of other options. The bathroom will look refreshed, and you’ll only pay a fraction of what you would for new tile.

2. Add Modern Accessories

A dated bathroom looks even more dated with old accessories. Change out your shower curtain, towels, artwork and containers for modern alternatives. If you have a lot of color in the bathroom, stick with clean white accessories or another neutral color. If you have an all-white bathroom, you can add warmth with colorful accessories. Work with what you have while keeping in line with modern design.

3. Upgrade Cabinet Hardware

Brass and chrome hardware were popular at one time, but they’ve been replaced with brushed metal finishes. Handles, hinges and drawer pulls cost anywhere from $3-$7 each, in most cases. You can certainly buy hardware that’s more expensive than that. Unless you have a tremendous amount of cabinetry in your bathroom, this is an inexpensive solution to modernize it.

4. Replace Old Light Fixtures

You might be surprised by how easy it is to replace a light fixture. You my spend $100-$300 for a nice vanity light, but that could completely change the feel of the bathroom. Get a finish that coordinates with your hardware or other metal finishes in the room. You may even be able to replace the globes on your existing light fixture to update it!

5. Frame Your Mirror

Do you have a frameless mirror attached to your wall? Has it started to look rough around the edges? You don’t have to replace the mirror. You can add a frame to it instead. Cut boards or trim to go around the mirror. Then adhere the pieces using Liquid Nails or another heavy-duty bonding agent. Here is a DIY guide for How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror.

6. Paint or Refinish Your Vanity

The color of your vanity can also date your bathroom. For example, honey oak was a popular stain color in the 1990s, but it is no longer desirable in modern homes. If you have cabinets like this, you could stain them a dark espresso color or another color more fitting for today’s design standards. You could also paint your vanity to a color that complements your walls, tile, countertops, etc. Just make sure you seal it well for easy cleaning.

7. Refinish Your Bathtub or Shower Pan

If your bathtub or shower pan looks permanently dirty, it’s probably worn past its prime. You can get your bathtub refinished, just like your tile, and instantly modernize your bathroom. There’s no longer a giant, dingy eye sore that shows the age of the room. Instead, there’s a beautiful tub or shower pan that looks brand new! And of course, this is significantly more affordable than replacing your tub or shower pan.

Refinishing works on bathtubs, showers, tile, vanity tops and more. Just make sure you hire a professional that offers a written guarantee as opposed to the DIY solutions. Professional refinishers typically provide superior quality services and are licensed and insured for home improvements.


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