A Quick Guide on How to Calculate House Painting Price Per Square Foot

A Quick Guide on How to Calculate House Painting Price Per Square Foot


Painting your home with fresh hues and wall colour combinations can immediately rejuvenate your space and make it look warm and inviting. However, understanding the minute details of the cost of painting your living space can be tricky. There are various aspects of painting cost other than the primary cost of the paints you buy.

Want to understand the nuances of painting your home? Fret not, we have got you covered. We understand how important it is for you to know how to calculate the cost per square foot for house painting to plan your overall painting budget. Hence, here is a complete guide that will walk you through the different aspects of calculating the painting price per square foot in India.

How to Calculate Paint Price Per Square Foot?

These are some of the key steps that are involved when you are calculating the paint price per square foot for your house painting.

Measure the Total Area

The first and foremost step to take is to calculate the total square footage of the walls that you wish to paint. For this, you must measure the width and height of each wall and then multiply them to get the total area. To get the total square footage, you then need to sum up the area of all the walls you want to paint.

Estimate How Much Paint You Will Need

You must compare different types, finishes and paint brands and figure out one which best suits your personal taste and budget. Every paint will give you a different coverage. However, typically, one litre of paint should cover about 10 square meters. You can read the label behind the paint can to get an accurate estimation or ask someone at the paint store or the folks from professional home painting services like AapkaPainter to help you out with figuring out a fair estimate of how much paint you will need for your painting project.

Consider Additional Costs

Other than the paint costs, you must factor in additional costs which include surface preparation costs, repair costs and additional services wall designing, etc. Want the best painting prices in the town? Head over to AapkaPainter services which offers a well-curated list of paints from the top brands in India all under one roof.

Get Multiple Quotes from Professional Wall Painters

 Interview multiple professional wall painters in your locality to get a more accurate estimate of how much it will cost you to spruce up your space in 2024.

Use a Paint Calculator

Remember that advanced tools like AapkaPainter’s paint calculator can be a saviour, especially if you are a beginner who is painting your home for the first time. It is easy to use and you simply need to fill in some basic details like your location, whether you are painting your home interiors or exteriors, your home size and carpet area, etc to get an accurate painting estimate.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, understanding how to calculate the price per square foot for house painting is pivotal in your home painting journey as it helps you plan your finances well ahead. We hope that the above guide works as a roadmap that will help you understand the process of calculating the cost of painting your home better. You can now use AapkaPainter’s paint calculator to get a precise estimate of how much money you will need to create a home that sparks joy in you.

Still not sure you can estimate the cost of painting your home on your own or want help to figure out which wall colour combination to use for your new home? Simply get in touch with the experts at AapkaPainter and thank us later! They will help you with every step of your home revamping process, from helping you choose a colour palette that makes you happy, and prepping your surface, applying the right wall paints and cleaning your home after the painting work is done. Not just that, want to waterproof your home or do an annual deep cleaning of your abode? AapkaPainter offers you these services too and that too at the best price ever!


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