Check Used Forklift Dealer: Different Forklift Types

Check Used Forklift Dealer: Different Forklift Types


You should know that forklifts are one of the most versatile vehicles for manufacturers, warehouses, and builders. It does not matter whether you wish to move heavy loads in a construction site, warehouse, or other areas, because they can safely lift objects humans cannot, making them highly productive on your job site.

Since you can find a wide array of models and styles on the market, it is challenging to find the best option. You can either rent or purchase one for your next project, while the guide covers the different types, benefits, and popular models. It would be best if you chose the right option for your preferences.

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1.Warehouse Forklift

The warehouse forklift is the most popular option on the market. It is similar to a golf cart featuring twin forks that extend from the front. It is perfect for unloading and loading pallets and transporting items to delivery vehicles. You will often use it in a warehouse with numerous items in inventory.

Some can lift five thousand pounds of weight, but you can find heavy-duty models that can handle twenty-five thousand pounds. Remember that warehouse forklifts have numerous subtypes, including counterbalance and side loaders.

  • Side Loaders

A subtype of warehouse side loaders, meaning you can find them in manufacturing facilities and steel centers. They are perfect for bulky and heavy items. The operator stands in a sideways compartment while the loader unloads objects. Since it features sideways operation, you can drive it alongside racks and handle it without taking a turn. Therefore, they are suitable for handling narrow aisles and long loads.

  • Counterbalance Forklift –

When it comes to counterbalancing forklifts, it is a prominentoption that features forks and load in the back to ensure balance of the load’s weight. It does not come with extending arms, meaning they can move to the load directly. We can differentiate two types: a three-wheel is perfect for situations requiring the operator to maneuver and turn in circles. The stand-up allows operators to hop on and off between the loads. As a result, it is the perfect option for maneuvering.


We can also call it a telescopic forklift, meaning you will get a combination of forklift and crane with an extendable arm and boom. The twin forks can move pallets off the ground. The best thing about it is the ability to lift 5,500 lbs. of materials to ninety feet in the air while it can reach odd angles and tight spaces.

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Since they have grown in popularity, manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Bobcat, and JCB have produceda wide array of high-end telehandlers. Some models can lift loads to fifty-five feet high.


The heavy-duty or large capacity option can offer you a wide array of functionalities of warehouse and telehandler options. Although it cannot reach challenging angles the same way as a telehandler, it can deal with significant loads lifted higher off the ground than other options.

It can handle heavy loads off the ground, which is vital to remember. The maximum lift can reach up to thirty-thousand pounds, but you will need significant power for specific jobs. Therefore, you can use it as a telehandler, meaning it is narrow in scope.

We can differentiate numerous heavy-duty manufacturers on the market. The most popular models can handle thirty-six thousand pounds. At the same time, it features hydraulic levels that can combine power and reach for transporting heavy loads for industrial requirements.

4.Rough Terrain

We can also call it a straight mast option because it is perfect for outdoor job sites and uneven surfaces. These trucks come with sturdy pneumatic tires that are threaded and oversized, meaning you can get additional stability and balance to transport materials safely on rocky ground.

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You do not need it primarily if you work indoors, while the rough terrain options are perfect for outdoor and construction sites. Apart from handling rough terrain, you can lift heavier loads that can go between six and eight thousand pounds.


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