Different types of tools are used for gardening

Different types of tools are used for gardening


Various types of equipment are used for gardening. Tools make the work very simple and fast. This will reduce the workload on the persons who are working in the garden. Using gardening tools singapore we can avoid bruises and cuts to the hands. These tools are the simplified version of the tools that are used in agriculture and horticulture.  There are two types of tools one is hand tools and the second one is power tools.

Hand tools used in gardening:

Hand tools are the tools simplified that were used in the olden days for agriculture. Hand tools include sickle, axe, hatchets, spade, shovel, trowel, hoe, fork and rake. In the olden days, these instruments are made with the help of wood or bone. But with the advancement of steel, these are now made with different iron products and by using iron these instruments are made durable and very strong. Different tools are made in different sizes and then it depends on the companies and the manufacturer. Axes in the garden are used to cut the wood and split the wood into two parts. Hatchets are used to cut the small branches of the trees. Saws are also used to cut the branches but it is used for the cutting of huge and large branches. Both the saws and axe are similar in function and they are very useful in the garden. We have to be very careful while using these tools as they are very sharp and can cause harm to the person if he handles the min appropriately.  A trowel is a small tool that is used to clean the area surrounding the plant and is used to dig and remove the soil.  The rake tool is a long one that resembles the comb it is used to clean the dry leaves and spread the soil to make water flow. The shovel is a modified version of the trowel with a very long handle and it is used to dig the soil and to lift the soil from the ditches.

Power tools

The use of power tools will reduce the time that usually takes with hand tools to complete. Power tools are the tools run with the help of the power. With the use of these power tools, we can cover a large area of land within a short time. These tools include irrigation sprinklers, hedge trimmers, lawn sweepers, lawn aerators and many more. These will complete the work in a short time. This will reduce the workload on the person who will work in the garden. You have to be very cautious while working with the machines as they no control over how depth you are digging.


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