Home Pet Gadgets That Are a Need

Home Pet Gadgets That Are a Need


Looking for gadgets to give your pet this Christmas? Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top home pet gadgets that are a need.

EyeVav Pet Touchless Vacuum:

If there’s one thing that all pet owners can relate to, it’s the stress of having pet hair floating around your house. And it seems as though no matter how much we vacuum, the amount of pet hair accumulating around the house seems to be never ending. That is why you need the EyeVac Pet touchless vacuum! The vacuum detects any debris, hair and dust that is lingering around the house- and will automatically use its 1,400-watt motor to clean it up, without you having to do it.

Automatic Pet Dry Food Feeder:

Having a pet is a huge responsibility- and one of the main responsibilities is to ensure that your pet is fed at the right time throughout the day. Thanks to the Petlibro Granary Automatic Pet Dry Food Feeder, the device allows you to schedule your feeding times, so that your pet will always have the correct food at the right time. Even better, the gadget allows you to record a ten second message on which you can call your pet to their food bowl, so they won’t miss dinner.

Furbo Treat Dispenser:

Having a webcam in your house to check on your pet kind of seems like old news, right? But what about if we told you there was a gadget that allowed you to see your dog on the webcam, while also being able to feed them treats interactively. Well thankfully, the Furbo gadget allows you to do exactly this. Integrating Alexa, the food dispenser gives you notification as to when your dog starts barking- and with this you can automatically dispense them a treat.

Robot Cat Distracter:

If there’s one thing about cats, it’s that they love chasing moving objects around the house. Thankfully, if you don’t want to sit there for hours with a laser pen, the Roomba allows your cat to chase round an automatic mouse, that also has a feather on top to keep their attention. Some higher-end models are motion activated, which makes playing the game even easier for your cat.

Cat Drinking Fountain:

If you have a cat, then you will know how difficult it is stopping them drinking from natural sources of water. It’s vital that your cat has access to a healthy natural flow of water, and thankfully the Catiit PIXI Smart Fountain ensures that any dirt, hair or odours are removed from the drinking fountain- so that your cat doesn’t contract any viruses or bacteria.

Pet Bed Collection:

Sometimes, having a pet bed around the home can look rather out of place. Most of the time our pets just want some peace and quiet, and the Weelywally Sydney bet pet collection offers this. The fabric is designed to keep your pets bodies warm, and you can get it in an array of colours.

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