Learn How You Can Easily Fix Noise Coming From Refrigerator

Learn How You Can Easily Fix Noise Coming From Refrigerator


A refrigerator is a very common appliance used in almost every household. With passing years, it can lead to a few problems while its operation. One of them is noisy operation. If you have been experiencing the same issue, then there are a few ways that you can try to fix this issue.

Locate the water valve in a refrigerator

Water valve in a refrigerator is an important aspect that you need to consider. Without knowing its location, it can become hard to make necessary repairs and solve the problem of water leakage and damages in the water dispenser and ice maker. It is important to find out its location so that you can shut it down properly during much-needed repairs.

LG is one of the most reputed brands in the sector of electronic appliances. You will find refrigerators under this brand in several different models. It is needed to get water inlet valve installed to control the water flow to the fridge. Below is mentioned the procedure to shut off the water valve while you are performing the maintenance tasks.

Usually, the water valve is located at the wall behind the refrigerator. All you need is to move the refrigerator in forwarding direction to find out its location. If you find that the valve is hiding inside a box, that is covered by a metal or plastic guard, then unscrew it to reveal the valve. If you don’t find it backside of the refrigerator, then look at the water supply line. There are maximum chances that you will find the valve there.

Shut down the water valve

Most of the water valves are quite easy to shut down. If the valve makes use of a lever to switch it off or on, then simply rotate the lever to switch it off. Some water valves require a knob. Rotating the knob in a clockwise direction will switch it off. If you find that the refrigerator water valve doesn’t easily switch off, then try to replace it with a brand new one. This will ensure that it gets easily shut off whenever needed in the future.

Install the water valve

To install the water valve, choose a location that is very easy to find. This makes it easy and fast to shut off the valve when needed. An easy location would prevent you from going beneath the sink or any place that is difficult to reach.

Causes of noisy refrigerator operation

  • With the opening and closing of the damper door
  • Door opening results in a change in temperature. This change in the speed of refrigerator results in noisy operation.
  • Hearing a clicking sound when the defrost timer switch goes off and on.
  • Hearing a clicking sound when the temperature controlling unit turns the refrigerator off and on.
  • A gurgling, boiling, or knocking sound that is heard when the refrigerator unit is operating. This is due to the circulation of refrigerant.


These are the best ways that can help in solving the issue of noisy operation. If the problem doesn’t solve, then you must contact an authorized repair agency to ensure smooth operation of your unit.


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