Online Grocery Delivery

Online Grocery Delivery


Online grocery delivery has become one of the most common means of doing groceries. As the name makes it pretty much clear, it is an online service that provides delivery of ”groceries” at your home, just like online shopping.

Rather than taking a day off from work or all the other chores and spending hours in the grocery store, people now prefer utilizing a couple of their minutes, clicking on the things they want, and getting them delivered on their doorstep.

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In this fast-moving life where everything is moving faster than one can imagine, and everybody has a jam-packed schedule, people love saving up some extra time for themselves and prefer this facility over anything.

Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping

The reasons why online grocery delivery is becoming popular among individuals are pretty obvious. Let’s look through some of the significant benefits and advantages that online grocery delivery is providing you and why you should consider it more often.

  • It helps you avoid going to fast food often.

One fact that cannot be denied is that fast food is becoming common. Working families prefer going for takeaways rather than spending hours going to the grocery store and selecting groceries. Many workaholic people end-up going for fast food. We cannot deny the fact that fast food does save a lot of time for you, but one major drawback is how unhealthy it can be.

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Instead of turning to options that can prove dangerous in the long run, it is better to choose healthier choices from the comfort of your home.

  • It can be beneficial during the time of emergency.

Unexpected guests? And you have run out of some grocery item?

There are countless times when surprise guests arrive at your home, and you want to serve them something, but the month might be ending, and your stock on the grocery items might be low. It will be impractical to leave the guests sitting at your home, waiting, and going out grocery shopping. Therefore, order online whatever you need, and you will get it in a short duration.

  • It can be a convenient option for the sick.

Other than saving time, as has been discussed above, online grocery shopping can even be helpful if you feel ill and not energetic enough to hit the store walking from rack to rack. It can be useful during a global pandemic, too, just like the one that the world is currently going through. You can relax on your sofa and get the proper rest and still get your work done.

With the importance of online grocery delivery being discussed above, let’s talk about one of the best online grocery store platform in New York.

Mercato Grocery Delivery – New York

Mercato is an online grocery store that has branches in New York and many other places. It is a site that provides a platform to bring together grocery stores which are functioning independently.

What are the services provided by Mercato?

Mercato aims at providing grocery products to you at your doorstep through ‘online order service.’ It makes sure that the stores offering these grocery items prefer quality over anything. Hence, you can easily rely on the best online grocery service in the town!

Mercato’s primary goal is to allow you to avail of the advantage of getting fresh grocery items delivered effortlessly. It assures you about the quality of products being offered. From vegetables to meat, everything is clean.

The world is going through a pandemic. The COVID-19 threat is all around the globe. Even in all this time, Mercato is offering deliveries within 24 hours. However, the dairy and meat items might take around 72 hours for the delivery.

How is Mercato providing benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Mercato is using advanced technology in this hard time to help provide you with maximum facilities during these hard times. It is delivering benefits to two categories of people in specific.

  • The independent grocers
  • The overall public in lockdown

The independent grocers who have their grocery stores shut during the pandemic or have little to no customers coming to their stores are suffering immensely. Facing low in-store traffic has proved to cause difficulties for these individuals, and a lot of economic loss is observed. Mercato provides a point where all these grocers’ sales are boosting.

On the other hand, people have to stay at home to avoid contact with the COVID-19 as the advice given by medical and health professionals says. Prevention is better than cure, so everyone has to stay indoors as much as they can because going out is unsafe. However, during this time, there are unavoidable things that have to be done by going outside, and one of the major ones includes grocery shopping. People cannot help but visit grocery stores to stock up on grocery items to fulfill their needs. In all this time, Mercato has been a great help for the people in the following way.

  1. Mercato has ensured your safety by providing you with the products of your need without asking you to step out of your house in New York.
  2. Mercato is working with the best courier networks and thus makes sure that the online grocery deliverance service is provided to all ends of the nations. It doesn’t matter if you are from a city or rural area, Mercato has your back at every point.
  3. Mercato is working day and night to provide you with the fastest delivery. Mercato is well-aware of your needs and how everyone is under peer pressure during the pandemic. Therefore, it is playing the best of its role by not only providing quality items but also promising the fastest delivery.
  4. Research shows that around 40 million citizens from the United States have ordered groceries online during the pandemic, and there is no better site than Mercato to get your items.
  5. Mercato has the most innovative technology ever.

All you need to do is visit Mercato’s official site for New York, select the items you need and confirm your order. During this challenging and tough time, Mercato will make sure to provide you maximum ease. You will appreciate how the groceries delivered will be in the best quality and how easy the overall procedure will be.


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