The great many reasons to have a PVC strip curtain at your new venture today!

The great many reasons to have a PVC strip curtain at your new venture today!


Hey! Newbie to the business? What’s it by the way? A restaurant or a food joint? A warehouse or a grocery store? We are sure you would have got all the necessary items needed for the efficient working of your new place. But did you give a thought to PVC stripped curtains for the same? Don’t tell us you are hesitating to install the same because you don’t know much about it!

 Remember the last time you visited a shop and found a transparent curtain at the entrance in place of a door, well that’s what’s called a PVC strip curtain. It’s basically a substitute for a door, and can be easily put at any shop or place to play the part of a door, but a transparent one. Nowadays, when rented commercial places are increasing in number, most people opt for PVC Strip Curtains. Austcold Industries are the biggest suppliers of various kinds of doors across the country and have the best quality solutions of the same for any kind of place.

The amazing benefits of PVC strip curtains!

Whether you have a factory outlet, a warehouse or a retail shop, a PVC strip curtain is the best solution for your space. Want to know why? Read its multiple benefits to understand the same.

o   Cost friendly solution — The biggest advantage of installing a PVC strip curtain is that it doesn’t dig a big hole in your pocket. If you compare the cost of it with any other kinds of doors, even then if would be the most economical option to go for!

o   No maintenance — Another advantage is that it doesn’t require any kind of maintenance. Even fabric curtains demand maintenance (say, washing) every month or two.  And so do doors! There can be broken handles, dirty parts of it and so much to clean and maintain. But with transparent PVC strip curtains, you don’t need to do anything to maintain.

o   Temperature controller — If it’s hot outside and you have a small shop where you want to install an air conditioner but couldn’t afford a strong door for financial or logistical reasons, PVC curtain blocks the cold air from going outside the room. Similarly, if there is a frozen section inside, this curtain separates the heated area and keeps the frozen room cold.

o   Isolate noise — Are you too fed up with the noise coming from outside? Well, then a PVC curtain sees to it that the noise stays outside and doesn’t enter your premises.

o   No entry for contaminants —We know, dust and dirt are present everywhere and can enter your shop. But with PVC curtains, these aren’t allowed to enter your place and you stay safe from them too.

o   Even pests aren’t entering — Imagine the insects and pests that can come from outside and enter your premises!  But when these curtains are installed, they don’t even get a chance to enter your place.

o   Easy to pass — A PVC strip curtain makes the entry and exit of the workers from the same area quite comfortable and convenient. Since there isn’t much to open and shut, your workforce never stops or halts due to it.

o   Transparency is another benefit —A transparent curtain means there is no blockage of the natural lights.  This means you don’t have to spend a lot on your electricity bill and you can enjoy the clarity of natural light even in your shop! Plus, your employees can see their to and fro through the layer of the curtain, and this prevents any collision or accident happening.

With so many benefits discussed, we are sure you aren’t going to mess with heavy doors, and simply opt for the PVC strip curtains for your new venture!


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