Why it’s time to move to St Albans

Why it’s time to move to St Albans


Body Residing in the central region where both countryside and the city are easily accessible is still a dream for millions in the UK. Not everyone can find the best place that serves this purpose. St Albans, located at Hertfordshire’s epicentre, is one such neighbourhood that is halfway to either side of Britain. Times are changing, and so are people’s preferences. Living amidst the mahoosive buildings of London was once a dream for many while getting away from them has been the current trend. The sound of silence and peace is chosen over the honks of vehicles now. With too many changes occurring in the last year, one major thing was the working methods and lifestyle. Moving towards the countryside and finding houses with the help of St Albans estate agents have increased dramatically in the last year. With many things going on, this is the right time to move to St Albans for all these reasons:


Socially active people are mostly seen lurking in the streets of St Albans than in other cities or towns in the country to enjoy the regular set of events that take place here. The beer and cider festival pulls most of Britain’s crowd to St Albans. The pubs and bars of St Albans conduct this event. During the food and drinks festival in September, all kinds of foods and drinks produced in this district can be relished by the residents. Other series of events occur throughout the year, keeping the residents engaged.


When living in St Albans, one can never get bored or run out of options to spend their free time here. Rather than being crumpled in the busy lanes of the capital, enjoying the vast greenery of Verulamium park is the favourite activity of the majority of the residents. With a boating lake and canopy-like trees, families can be seen rushing here for their leisure time. Besides this, the line of restaurants, cafes, and pubs that serve one of the finest drinks and foods make the nightlife at St Albans more vibrant and enjoyable.


Being one of the most affluent neighbourhoods of Hertfordshire, St Albans is the most welcoming neighbourhood for anybody, especially families. The community spirit is high and pleasant enough for new residents to get used to it quickly. From quality schools and educational institutions for secondary and higher studies. This makes it easier for families to raise children and get a St Albans house for sale here. The housing options are plenty, providing a sea of choices for families planning to upsize their next property at St Albans.


Everyone knows that the country of Britain has a rich history oozing out of the many boroughs located there. One such city is St Albans, where the most important monuments are seen popping out everywhere like the Medieval clock tower, war memorial, Puddingstone, the Roman walls, Norman Cathedral etc. Some buildings like cathedrals emerged during the iron age era in Britain and ended up becoming the second-largest settlement in the country. People who love exploring the history and architecture will have loads to cherish at St Albans.


Most of St Albans’ earliest settlements took place in the 1950s and before that, making it one of the oldest places of emergence in the country. Markets are one popular element of any borough in the UK, and St Albans is blessed with one of the best markets in the country. The Italian and French farmers’ markets are popular among the residents and can be seen crowded for the fresh produce of dairy, cakes, bread, vegetables and seasonal fruits. While the weekly street market is open on Wednesday and Saturday.


Travel has been the primary concern for many new residents who plan to move to other cities. Those living in St Albans never worry about the modes of commute due to the easy options available there. Rail links to St Pancras and Kings Cross are intact, and people can reach central London within 15 to 20 minutes. People commuting for work in London can take the underground links or tube stations to their respective locations and arrive there quickly, while roadways- M1 and M25 have become hassle-free.


Living at St Albans gives a peaceful and a better quality of life in all aspects. Unlike the packed streets of London, St Albans is a semi-urban district sandwiched between the city and the countryside. With a mixture of serenity and fun, St Albans is one of the best and the most desirable places for almost everyone. From schools to the country’s best shopping centres, everything is available here, and people will never go through the fear of missing out on the best lifestyle in the UK.


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