3 Key Features You Need In Remodelling Estimating Software

3 Key Features You Need In Remodelling Estimating Software


Remodelling a building is never easy, with hundreds of details to be taken into account in regards to redesigning, remodelling, renovating and repairing a property. The good news is remodelling estimating software is available on the market that can be of great assistance in dealing with this often tedious task.

Remodelling estimating software can cut down on human error and remove the need for the manual entry of tasks, something that is both time consuming and tedious. With the competitive nature of the industry, builders need to be able to estimate and quote with great accuracy and making use of estimating software allows them to do just that, pinpointing labour costs as well as the necessary volume of materials and the overall selling price.

3 Key features of estimating software

1 Connecting with a database

Estimating software assists with the calculation of the cost of a project depending on the area, labour, materials and size involved. The software is able to connect with a database of suppliers in order to collect the latest equipment and material prices online based upon your local area, meaning that if items have to come from further away the costs will increase due to transport or shipping. Users can also compare prices from different suppliers to try and find the best deals.

2 Labour costs

Another excellent feature of remodelling estimating software is computing for the costs of labour that will be involved in a remodelling project. By selecting the various details about the project the software is able to work out the amount of labour that will be needed and estimate a cost. This can be particularly useful for those on a tight budget, enabling them to make adjustments where necessary to keep the cost of the project down.

3 Blueprints

The majority of estimating software will accept third party files, which means that those who have their own blueprint will be able to upload it and customise it via the software. On the other hand estimating software will also be able to provide blueprint templates or enable particularly adventurous to construct a new one from scratch.

Making use of remodelling estimating software supports better business practices and brings with it a wealth of advantages. The majority of businesses in today’s world use some type of technology and software for the purpose of streamlining processes, boosting efficiency and saving both time and money, and the construction industry is no exception to this rule.

The best part of using estimating software such as the one available from Buildxact is ensuring that project bids will be accurate on each and every occasion. Revolutionary features also include the likes of the ability to compare projects with similar projects, taking measures to cut costs and being able to draw up timeframes to accurately estimate the length of time a project will take through to completion.

Estimating software helps with project management and to maximise profits, resulting in a successful project for all parties.


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