All You Need to Know About High-Pressure Laminates

All You Need to Know About High-Pressure Laminates


A direct descendant of the original plastic laminate, high pressure laminate is one of the most durable surfacing materials boasting a variety of special performance properties such as chemical, wear and fire resistance. Whether you are planning to change the way your living spaces look and feel or planning a complete makeover of your office or home, high-pressure laminate is the ideal surfacing material to give a classy, luxurious and unique appeal to your commercial or residential space. These laminates are available in different textures, styles and shades to suit your preferences. Produced using high-quality resin and finest craft paper, high-pressure laminates find their use in a variety of applications.  Here are some of the reasons why laminates are highly regarded for homes, offices and other areas:

  • They are sustainable and durable
  • They can withstand scratches
  • They are able to retain their looks and quality for years
  • They are easy to maintain
  • They are convenient to use and offer complete satisfaction

High Pressure Laminates look as good as veneers and cost just a fraction of the price of any veneer. HPL have very realistic wooden grains and are available in different wooden finishes like pine, walnut, wenge etc. Even the stone finish laminates are an excellent inexpensive replacement to granite and marble.

The vibrant collection of plain colours available in the market is also amazing and can be used to uplift the look of any given space with a swanky dash of colour.

The best material to use in kitchen cabinets is laminate as it is easy to clean and maintain and very durable.

High-pressure laminates are manufactured by pressing thin sheets of paper or resin together. What makes designer HPL a material of choice is the sophistication they carry. They don’t burn a hole in your pocket and their benefits are widespread. Here are a few factors emphasizing the need and importance of high-pressure laminates:

  • High-pressure laminates are mostly used for cabinet surfaces, walls, and other similar works. They are hugely utilized in interior decoration works. The visual appearance of the high pressure laminates enhances the look of a space and complements interior design as well.
  • These laminates are made up of phenolic resin, melamine resin and other composites that makes them highly durable and decent looking.  It is a cost-effective material which is highly versatile as well. From tabletops, shelves, cabinets to doors, etc., they can be used in multiple ways. They are also used for reception counters, marble-designing and as an alternative to other expensive materials.
  • Their marble-like finish helps enhance the aesthetics of the space where they are applied. They can be used as an alternative to marble which is much expensive when compared to high-pressure laminate.
  • These laminates can be found in a variety of designs and themes options. With a variety of colors to choose from, they make for an excellent choice. These laminates can be found in the Scandinavian theme, the minimalist theme, industrial theme, ancient Greek theme, modern theme, natural wood theme and much more.

With the right selection of color, theme, and shade, nothing can stop you from enhancing the appeal of your home using high-pressure laminates. If you are looking for the best, reliable and sustainable high-pressure laminates for you residential or commercial space, Archidply is one of the best laminate brands in India that serves the purpose.


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