Best tile pattern ideas for your kitchen walls

Best tile pattern ideas for your kitchen walls


We all have times when our kitchen walls scream for an update. Over the years, the walls in our kitchen might have become stained and greasy from the splashing of curry to a hot bubbling pot. Here is where tiles come into play. Tiling your walls will not only protect the walls but also add a splash of colour to the whole kitchen and make it look visually appealing. Tiles make cleaning easy with just a wipe with a paper towel and detergent.

Mosaic kitchen wall tiles are usually the most common pick for any kitchen. On the contrary, there are new homeowners on the look-out for unique tile patterns for their kitchen walls. But choosing the best tiles for kitchen walls is a big task especially when there is a wide range of tile patterns to choose from.

Here are some handpicked unique patterns to opt for your humble kitchen walls.

The Mighty Mosaics

It is one of the best tile patterns for kitchen walls. Mosaic tiles have maze-like patterns done with some complexity. Though the tiling is small, the pattern makes it look mighty and attractive. They give an aesthetic look to the whole kitchen. The application of the mosaic kitchen wall tiles is quite easy since it comes pre-backed on a mesh. It comes in various colours for you to choose from. Neutral shades are also available in mosaic kitchen wall tile patterns. It gives the whole space a minimalistic and modern look.

Triangular Pastels

If you are looking for a subtle look for your kitchen space then this will come as the best tiles for kitchen walls. This is in contrast to the mosaic kitchen wall tile. Triangular pastel tiles provide the white-coloured wall with a soft look without blinding your eyes with a lot of bright colours. These metro tiles make the kitchen look bigger and more contemporary. This pattern gives an innovative twist to the usual geometric pattern.

Glossy Black and Charcoal Grey

Some people like to play with the darker side of the colour tones. If you have a much wider and larger kitchen area, you can go for these patterns apart from the common mosaic kitchen wall tile. To go with these dark patterned designs you can choose copper fixture faucets and other kitchen equipment. Since the wall tile patterns appear darker, the surrounding items in the kitchen need to be in a lighter tone to balance it. This is the best tile for kitchen walls if you are a black lover.

Patchwork Patterned

Are you a person who enjoys an ancient French style look? Then pick this pattern right away for this will make the best tiles for kitchen walls. You can match these tiles in whatever combination you like and it would end up looking great. The patterns come in tones of dark and light shades like grey, maroon, black, navy blue, cream-coloured, and much more. With this pattern, as soon as you enter the kitchen you will get transported to a different era.

Modern Moroccan

This pattern of tile has a combination of illustrated motifs and bold colours. They have a monochromatic colour pattern to the tile. The most commonly found graphic design is the vertical diamond pattern. This pattern is the best tiles for kitchen walls for people who like both bright colours and geometric designs.

These patterns are the most uniquely designed and in recent trend now. From mosaic kitchen wall tile to modern Moroccan, these designs are curated keeping in mind the different tastes of people.


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