Buying a New Home? Here Is Your New Home Inspection Checklist!

Buying a New Home? Here Is Your New Home Inspection Checklist!


You’re just about to move into your new home—congratulations! But before you finalize the sale, are you sure the home isn’t hiding anything?

If you’re unsure about what to look for when moving into a new home, you’re not alone—many buyers feel overwhelmed on the final home inspection, as they’re worried about missing something important.

To help you out, keep reading for our new home inspection checklist. Use these tips to know exactly what to look for when it comes to the condition of your new home.

Make Sure All New Home Inspection Checklist Items Have Been Completed

Before closing on the sale, you should have hired a home inspector to come in and thoroughly examine the property. Inspectors look for structural damage, major problems, or issues that may keep you from wanting to buy the house.

After the inspection, they provide you with a report as to the status of the home. If they recommended any repairs be done, make sure they’ve been completed.

Examine All Appliances

Wondering what to look for when moving into a new home? We recommend examining your appliances and home electrical systems.

Make sure all major appliances, like the dishwasher and plumbing and heating systems, are in working order. Test everything out to ensure it’s working correctly.

Inspect the Yard and Deck

It’s not just the home you should inspect–also check the yard and exterior.

Check out the condition of the deck, porch, and fence, making sure there are no loose boards or posts. You’ll also want to inspect the exterior chimney and the home’s foundation, making sure it’s structurally sound and free from mold or damage.

Gutters are also important to the home, so check that they’re clean and in good condition.

Check All Windows and Locks

Another item on your walk-through checklist should be both the windows and locks. Open and close all windows, making sure they work appropriately and don’t jam.

All of the home’s locks are also important. Check each lock to ensure you have the right key to open it and if any seem to stick or are hard to open.

Many homeowners will also want to replace the locks after moving in, for security reasons. You never know who the previous owners gave a key to, so the safest option is replacing each lock with a new, secure lock.

Make Sure Your New Home Is Perfect Before Moving In

On your final home walk-through, use this new home inspection checklist to make sure everything is as it should be. Take the time to look in every room and corner, as purchasing a home is a huge investment.

If anything isn’t as it should be, talk to the realtors or the sellers and don’t finalize the sale until you’re happy with the home’s condition. That way, your home will be in beautiful, pristine condition, all ready for you to move in.

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