Cleaning Marble Natural Kitchen

Cleaning Marble Natural Kitchen


Remove any dust or food preserves on the marble by using a dry cloth

– Then call the marble with a brush dipped in water and soap and if the spot is strong add the baking soda

– Finally, wash the marble with water well and dry it.

Cleaning of marble industrial kitchen

* The method is easy and very simple, just mix water and chlorine together, and wipe the marble sponge,

– Then wipe the marble with a wet towel, and then dry it with a clean dry towel.

Cleaning the marble kitchen with vinegar

– We recommend not to use vinegar because it works on the occurrence of drilling and cracks in the marble.

Cleaning the marble bathroom

– Clean the marble first with a cloth to get rid of dust or food

– Mix water, soap, bicarbonate soda, mix a towel or sponge with this mixture, then wipe with a wet towel and then a dry towel.

Polishing marble with salt

– First make sure to clean the marble and then mix marble with water, sprinkle the salt on the marble and leave 10 minutes

– Then call the marble brush well and leave again 10 minutes, then wash the marble with water and then dry it.

Cleaning marble of cement

– The cement can be removed by water and salt, but this may take time, where you must repeat to get rid of cement

– There is another solution and it is through the decommissioning, just buy this machine from the shop of building tools and pass it on the marble and will become bright and shiny.

Remove the black cement from the tiles

* Buy a wooden paste knife, which is not expensive

– pour the boiling water on the tiles and leave for a quarter of an hour, then start rubbing the cement by the paste knife and you will notice the fragmentation of the cement, and with the continuation you will notice the cleanliness of the tiles, but be careful when using the paste knife so as not to scratch tiles.

Clean the marble from rust

Mister Masal spray on the place of rust and leave a quarter of an hour

– Then call the rusty marble by fiber and you will notice the result.

Cleaning of Marble from Al-Assad

– Make sure that the marble is clean from dust or food

Dip a clean towel in the detergent and wipe the marble and get a result of your satisfaction

Clean the marble of white spots

The same method of removing lemon stains from marble

Clean the marble from the burn

– Mix the chlorine and the giant detergent, then use the wire and rub the rubbing marble, with repetition will remove any traces of burns.

Cleaning the marble from the pew

Put the pre-cooked oil on the marbles for a minute, then add the marbles firmly, and the oil can be replaced with a tanner, but a very small quantity.

Carpet cleaning of gum

1. Place the gum spot in water and leave until soft

2. Then use the knife to rub the gum, but gently so as not to affect the carpet

3. Mix a tablespoon of salt with a little bran, then sprinkle this mixture over the carpet and leave it all night

4. In the morning, clean the carpet brush to get rid of chewing gum completely

5. Finally, use the vacuum cleaner

Remove the sweetness from the carpet

1.Press the sweetness first with a clean cloth, then use the broom to control the spot

2. Put in warm water with a few of the soaps soap, and gently wear the carpet with a cotton cloth or clean sponge

3. Repeat this until the spot completely disappears

Remove the honey stains from the carpet

1. Put in warm water from the soap of the pastures, and gently wear the carpet by a cotton cloth or sponge, repeat that the spot completely disappear

2. Repeat this until the spot completely disappears

Carpet treatment

Tools used

Scissors + wax gun + blade or knife + wax paste

1.Bring a string of wool but be the same degree the color of the burned piece of carpet, and then paste the national market burning place using a gun wax

2. With the scissor from the bottom, install what you tell

3. Leave the wool that you paste on the carpet to dry and then cut off the appendages

Cleaning chiffon curtains

You must know that this type of curtains must be washed once every 3 months until the color is not changed

1. Remove the metal cables in the curtain, and then remove the dust from the curtain by brush or by pouring

2. Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water, then add to the bathtub a small amount of washing powder or color chlorine

3. Leave the curtains with a bathtub for at least two hours. Then pour it out of water

4. Then put the curtain in the washing machine but in a short wash cycle without the era and the program is cold

5. Do not forget to add a freshener or fabric softener in the last rinsing cycle to make your breath smell refreshing

6. After rinse, add 3 large starch sticks to the water and you will get an excellent result

7. Spread the curtain directly in the air, but away from the sun and will be separated Kank national group


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