Do You Really Need a Part Time Cleaning Service For Your Home?

Do You Really Need a Part Time Cleaning Service For Your Home?


Many districts provide new residents with a welcome pack with valuable coupons for local businesses. Oftentimes, at least one Singapore cleaning service offers a free or reduced first visit – a great way to make your new home shine and support local businesses. Even if you haven’t received such a coupon, try asking if your neighbors can recommend the nearest house cleaning service.

If you prefer to polish your own home for the first time, start by throwing away any old accessories that your owners may have left you. Chances are, if you haven’t cleaned your home thoroughly, these accessories are probably quite old or covered in dirt. Start with the basics right from the start from your local grocery store. If you brought some cleaning products from your old home, you can use them instead; just make sure you have enough to clean your entire home.

When you first walk around the house, look for nooks and crannies where debris may have accumulated. It is recommended that you check them immediately to avoid getting your belongings dirty after moving them. Check hard-to-reach places, especially those hidden behind doors or at the corners of walls.

You can always start cleaning small areas of the house yourself and don’t stop until you’ve cleaned every inch of the house. This includes walls, doorknobs, window screens, and household appliances. If you don’t know what the last time it touched the surface, disinfect to prevent future germs from spreading. Rely on antibacterial cleaners and wipes to kill remaining bacteria and odors, and close and dispose of used rags immediately.

Alternatively, contact the Singapore Housekeeping Service to clean up a portion of your home that is out of reach. When the house is clean, rearrange the furniture and place it where you want to store it. Housekeepers always thoroughly clean each piece of furniture to remove dirt from the relocation process and also clean areas affected by relocation. You can ask the maids to discard old moving materials or store them in a dry garage or attic for reuse. During the cleaning process, you will also have the opportunity to inspect your belongings for damage, making it easier to process claims with the shipping company.

You can always hire a part time cleaning service to clean up your home so you can get settled in and enjoy your own home-related vacation. The housekeeping team will clean your home immediately, you will get rid of various tasks in the early days of your stay, freeing up your schedule to unpack and store your belongings. Moving can be stressful, but if the housekeepers you hire from the house cleaning company clean up properly before and after the truck picks up your belongings, the moving process will be a little easier.


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