What is the Best Material & Thread Count for Cool Sheets?

What is the Best Material & Thread Count for Cool Sheets?


For a long time now, companies have tricked their customers that the higher the thread count in a sheet, the better the quality and the softer the sheets are. With so many sheets in the market today, making the right choice can be challenging, and therefore, the thread count ‘myth’ has been the measure of quality and comfort.

But what’s thread count?

This is the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. The yarn is weaved in a crisscross pattern with warp weave (vertical strands) and weft weave (horizontal strands). As much as the thread count matters, it’s not the only measure of quality and comfort. Other factors you need to pay attention to are others like the quality of the yarn, the material type used, and the overall feel.

Which materials are best for cool sheets then?

Whenever possible, any hot sleeper would want to opt for natural fibers. Linen, eucalyptus, bamboo, and cotton are great examples of such sheets.


Of all the best options out in the market, linen is tops. The superior breathability and lightweight make it an excellent cooling sheet. It’s cooler than cotton and more durable- they aren’t extraordinarily soft, but the quality is unmatched. They also offer a soft textured feel and look.


Bamboo sheets are both thermo-regulating and hygroscopic, and thus they are great for keeping hot sleepers cool throughout the night. They wick away and absorb moisture, thus keeping the sleepers cool and dry. They are also hypo-allergic. Lyocell is the best form of bamboo for sheets and is a more eco-friendly variety, and that is because of its manufacturing process, which is less stressful to the environment. It’s a silkier softer sheet compared to others in the market.


The best cotton bet for cool bed sheets is percale. It makes the best cotton sheets for hot sleepers. It’s’ made of a breathable and loosely woven fabric like polyester or some cotton blend and thus cooler than others. The best is the low single-ply thread count of crisper and thinner percale with less than 400 thread count.


Sheets made of eucalyptus are softer, cooler, and with excellent moisture-wicking qualities. Some of its varieties get better washing, and as it grows old, it gets more comfortable. Eucalyptus is known to have natural temperature-regulating traits and is known to be exceptionally cool. The cooling qualities may not be scientifically proven, but they’re highly breathable with an exceptional luxurious cooling effect.

The best thread count for cool sheets

A low thread count is generally the best option for those needing cooling sheets, especially at night. It helps regulate body temperature through the night. Specifically, 300TC is the ideal word count, but anywhere between 200 and 400 TC is ideal for the best cooling effect.

Beyond the fabric and thread count, it’s important to look at the sheet’s weave. That’s what contributes to the feel of your bedding and, of course, the breathability. Be careful and choose sheets that will give you the best experience while keeping you cool at night.


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