Finding The Best Antique Furniture For Your New Home

Finding The Best Antique Furniture For Your New Home


Antique furniture can add beauty and authenticity to any home, but it’s not always easy to find the best pieces out there. With so many antique sellers online, you can quickly become overwhelmed trying to find quality pieces that look great in your home. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your options and find the best antique furniture for your new home!

1. Opt For Antiques From A Reputable Seller

There’s no doubt that antiques have charm and character—that’s why you want them in your home. However, sticking to a reputable antique furniture shop is crucial to avoid picking up something made yesterday instead of 200 years ago.

You might end up paying more for it, but if it doesn’t look like an antique or sit well with other furniture in your home, then what good is it? You can easily find good antique stores near you by searching for 1. Remember: everything old isn’t necessarily beautiful. That’s why you need a reputable antique furniture store!

2. Follow Your Instincts To Pick The Antique That Fits Your Home

First and foremost, follow your instinct and choose pieces that previous custodians have taken care of well. If it seems too good to be true, perhaps it isn’t as good as it looks! Many people are attracted to furniture with rust or dents because they assume those flaws were part of its history and not due to poor craft. The truth is, if something is a bit rusted or dented now, there’s a chance that it was in bad shape when you first laid eyes on it! It’s worth it to pay more for higher-quality furniture upfront.

When it comes time to resell, you’ll earn far more money for a danish sideboard that’s in good condition. Intact antiques can help put extra cash in your pocket at a resale time! As a bonus, high-quality antique furnishings will be easier to clean and tend to hold their value better over time than cheaply made goods. It’s also important to try and avoid freshly painted or varnished pieces; these may look great, but they won’t hold up as well over time. And of course, choose furniture that feels comfortable—it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is if you don’t like it!

3. Bring Someone Who Has Some Knowledge About Vintage Furniture

Bring someone with you who knows something about old art deco furniture—preferably an expert—to help with decisions and appraisals (if needed). Not only will they offer a second opinion, but they can bring up details like some dings that may not have been apparent to you on your own during your home-shopping excursion. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices based on price, quality, and style, make sure to check for structural integrity (don’t forget to lift those heavy pieces!).

When it comes time to purchase, remember: haggling is acceptable when buying antique furniture in most situations! You might end up paying half of what your seller originally asked—it never hurts to ask. And don’t forget to get a certificate of authenticity when buying antiques as well! It may seem redundant, but it serves as further proof that you purchased what you thought you bought: an authentic antique.

4. Ensure Nothing Toxic Is Lurking in Any Piece

Buying antique furniture is an exciting way to spruce up your home, but it can also be a risky endeavor. You’ll want to make sure there isn’t anything toxic lurking in any piece before bringing it into your house. It’s also crucial to research any old dressers or cabinets you’re considering buying, as they may have found their usage as storage for medical equipment at one point.

Previous medical usage of antique furniture may have exposed them to harmful substances. However, you can avoid such complications by buying your antique furniture from reliable outlets like The Furniture Rooms.


When buying antique furniture, it’s essential to make sure you do your research and shop around before settling on a piece. A little bit of time spent shopping can save you thousands over time, so take your time and find only the best antique furniture for your new home. Contacting an expert in antique furniture like The Furniture Rooms might also be helpful before making any purchases. They carry many great products from different eras, including French club leather chairs, Renaissance revival furniture, and Edwardian oak furniture. Check out their website today to see more of their vast inventory!


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