Garage Organization Hacks that will Save You Time and Money

Garage Organization Hacks that will Save You Time and Money


Organizing your garage may first seem like a daunting task you want to put off for later until the benefits of your hard work pay off. It may take some time to get organized, especially if the garage is packed with all kinds of stuff. However, it is great to walk into an organized garage and find items at first glance. But how does one achieve this goal? Keep reading for practical insights on organizing your garage to eventually save you time and money.

Install Garage Shelving

When making such an investment, focus on getting quality shelving. The idea is to install shelves that offer more storage space for sectioning items. Whenever you organize things in different sections, you do not have to spend hours figuring out where each item is likely to be. What’s more, using quality shelves means you do not have to replace them for a long time. This investment may seem like a lot, to begin with, but the long-term benefits outweigh the initial installation costs.

Consider wire shelves if you do not have the cash to go all out with standard shelving. These come in the form of simple wire baskets, inexpensive to purchase. Get several of these and mount them on your garage wall to store smaller items. You can categorize and label each wire rack/shelf depending on what they hold. This makes it easy and faster to find items whenever you need them.

Stack Bins Vertically

Another inexpensive but practical way to organize items in your garage is to use a storage bin. These large storage bins come in sizes and shapes that can easily be stacked. Ensure they have lids to store different items and label whatever is in each bin. To save more space, stack the containers vertically on top of each other. This makes it easy to find items and spares you the disorganized mess that comes with having everything scattered around the garage space.

Use Canvas Covers for Delicate Items

You want to save money by using your stored items longer. This means that proper storage should always be a priority. If you have tools that can easily break or spoil due to improper storage, then consider using canvas storage bags to protect these items. For instance, storing


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