Guide to DIY G-Floor Installation in Cleveland

Guide to DIY G-Floor Installation in Cleveland


G-floorsare a type of garage flooring that is incredibly durable and easy to use. This low-maintenance, low-effort garage floor solution is also waterproof, stain proof, and seamless, which makes it a lifesaver for any garage owner.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can install a G-floor on your own in your Cleveland garage:

Clean the garage floor

To get a smooth, flawless finish, it is important that you clean the floor before you begin the installation process. Sweep your garage floor thoroughly and remove any small objects that may be there. Next, inspect the floor for any significant cracks or defects and repair/fill them as needed.

Adjusting the G-Floor

Now that your garage floor is clean, it is time to start unrolling the G-floor. You should start unrolling it from the door so that the curled side can end at the back of the garage. If your G-floor is bigger than the garage flooring, you will have to cut it accordingly. Once you have unrolled the floor and adjusted it as needed, use a broom to even it out and burst any air bubbles.

Installation Process

One thing to keep in mind while installing the G-floor on top of your garage flooring is to place the seam at the center of the garage to avoid letting vehicle tires get on the seam. There are two main methods of installing a G-floor, namely, the overlap method and the butt-joint method. The former method, as the name suggests, involves overlapping pieces of the floor onto the next one, while the latter avoids all overlaps and lets the rolls come together.


The last step of this process is trimming. This step is all about customizing the size of your G-floor to match the garage flooring. You can use a utility knife to trim the garage flooring mat around the polls and corners. Remember to leave about a quarter-inch gap along the wall to leave room for expansion or contraction in the future. The entire process should take you only a few hours and leave you with a beautiful floor that will last years.

Garage Floor Installers in Cleveland

You can also get professional garage floor installers in Cleveland if you believe DIY is not your cup of tea. Just look up contractors near you and explain your requirements to them to get the process started.


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