Common Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioning And Heating System Needs To Professional Repairs!

Common Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioning And Heating System Needs To Professional Repairs!


Your home’s air conditioning and heating is crucial for your indoor comfort no matter what time of year it is, and no one enjoys coming home to an uncomfortable indoor climate due to HVAC issues.

A lot of people neglect their HVAC systems until it’s much too late, which then leads to costly repairs and even premature replacements. We all know that these appliances are pretty expensive, so it’s crucial to take care of them to the best of your abilities.

We’ve partnered up with the HVAC pros at Beehive Heating & Air to provide you with this list of common warning signs associated with air conditioning and heating repairs, so here’s what you need to be on the lookout for!

Uncomfortable Indoor Climate 

One of the most obvious warning signs associated with HVAC repairs is when you can literally feel how it’s not heating or cooling your home efficiently. When your system’s malfunctioning has gotten to this point, it means you’re going to need to reach out to professionals for an inspection.

Although there are plenty of DIY solutions like replacing your air filters and cleaning your unit, this type of indoor discomfort is more than likely the result of something more serious.

Airflow Insufficiency 

When your home is experiencing weak airflow throughout your indoor areas, it’s typically a sign that something is wrong with your HVAC unit. It’s likely that your unit has become clogged due to a malfunctioning motor, clogged air ducts, low refrigerant, unclean filters, and many other common issues.

When you’re experiencing airflow insufficiency, it’s always best to contact your local HVAC technicians to get a thorough diagnosis of what’s currently happening.

Water Damages 

Another serious warning sign that homeowners need to remain on the lookout for includes water leaks in and around an HVAC unit.

It’s crucial to reach out to a professional as soon as you notice water puddles and ice formations around your unit, because this symptom is likely caused by a refrigerant leak or a blocked drain line.

Circuit Breaker Trips 

Faulty components, overworking HVAC systems and electrical issues are often the causes of tripping circuit breakers connected to air conditioning and heating systems.

It’s very important that you don’t use your HVAC system when these types of problems are occurring, because you’ll need professional help ASAP to diagnose the issue and avoid permanent damages.

Strange Noises Coming From The HVAC Unit 

The vast majority of HVAC units in today’s marketplace will function almost entirely silent, so it’s important to take notice when you hear any loud banging, clanking, squealing, flapping, grinding or clicking sounds emanating from your unit.

There are many potential causes of this type of problem, but no matter what, you can’t try to take this type of HVAC repair job on as a DIY project. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your local HVAC specialists to have your system thoroughly inspected.

Atypical Energy Bill Spikes 

Another common warning sign that people notice before hiring HVAC teams is unexpected spikes in their energy bills. This is often one of the ways that people first realize that they might have an issue with their heating and air conditioning system, because as we all know, many of us don’t regularly inspect our systems until it’s too late!

HVAC malfunctions will cause your unit to work much harder than it really is supposed to, which then leads to higher energy costs. So be sure to take a close look at your monthly energy bill statements as well as your actual unit!

Reach Out To The Air Conditioning and Heating Experts In Your Area When You Need Support With Your Home’s HVAC System! 

There are many warning signs associated with HVAC repairs that homeowners need to be aware of, and taking proper care of your prized home appliance will ensure a long lifetime that ends up saving you a ton in the long run.

You can learn more about what to do when you notice HVAC warning signs by speaking directly with the Beehive Heating & Air experts via the link at the top of the page!

For more signs your air conditioning and heating system are failing along with other appliances, please see the resource below.

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