House Cleaning Duties: What Not to Expect from a House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Duties: What Not to Expect from a House Cleaning Service


Before making use of the services that a house cleaning service provider gives its clients, it is best to know precisely what the standard operating procedures are.

Frequently, clients who have never availed of this service before do not know exactly what to expect from a home cleaning service. This can lead to failed expectations and unrealistic assumptions on the part of the client.

If you plan to use a home cleaning service moving forward, then it is good to know what tasks are appropriate to expect from the service. This way, your service will be satisfactory, and you will not have bad relationships with home cleaning service providers.

Read on to find out just what you should expect from a regular house cleaning service and what not to expect from a house cleaning service.

Cleaning services offered

There are numerous home cleaning services that a house cleaning service provider provides. The standard services for regular home cleaning differ from each provider.

Although the standard offered services differ, there are a few that are standard practice with a regular cleaning job. The rooms covered are usually the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and the common area or living room.

The services also usually include dusting and wiping of surfaces. Perhaps some vacuuming is also included in the service.

Some providers take out the trash for you. Also, in the bedroom, cleaners will also usually make the bed as well.

According to MaidSailors, a cleaning services provider, deep cleaning services aren’t included in the regular cleaning service. Deep cleaning is a more comprehensive top to bottom cleaning service than the regular option.

Deep cleaning services are usually recommended for first-time clients. This is so that should the client continue to avail of the service after the first time, a regular cleaning service should be sufficient in properly cleaning up the home.

Usually, for more particular cleaning problems like cleaning the inside of ovens or fridges, they aren’t included in regular cleaning packages. However, this can be an additional service you can note for your home cleaning service provider.

Tasks House Cleaning Services Don’t Do

Now that the more routine cleaning services offered have been covered, it is time to cover exactly which tasks a house cleaning service is not obligated to do for you.

There are several tasks that you shouldn’t expect your cleaning service provider to give you and we’ve listed some of them below.

Cleaners Cannot Instantly Transform Your Home

When asking for a cleaning service, some clients may have too high of an expectation upon their cleaning service provider. Some expect a big television-show-like transformation to happen to their home upon availing a cleaning service.

Do know that this will never be the case. A home cleaning service cannot make your home into something it is not. This is especially true for the first or a one-time run-through of your home.

Of course, a house cleaning service can make your home shine, look neat and tidy, and smell amazing, but don’t expect it to rid your home of stains and dirt completely. Depending on how you maintain your home, there may be some stains that are harder to remove.

A lot of dirt can accumulate in a poorly maintained home, and not a lot of them can be completely gone in just one visit by a cleaning service. Should you avail only regular cleaning, this will be especially true to you.

The best way to get the results that you want from a cleaning service is through proper communication. If you want a specific part of your home to be the focus of their time that you have paid for, then let them know.

Your cleaners only want to satisfy your cleaning needs, so it’s best to let them know straight away what they are.

They Should Not Tidy Up Before Cleaning

When your hired home cleaning service comes to your home, you should expect them to crack on with the job immediately. However, if you have a lot of things lying around that you expect them to tidy up for you, they’ll start with that instead.

If you let the home cleaner tidy up after you before they clean your home, they will be spending precious time picking up after you instead of cleaning the house. This is why it is best for you and your money to tidy up your home before they arrive.

This is so that the few couple hours or so that you have professional cleaners in your home are spent cleaning up your house. Do your due diligence and pick up your dirty clothes and items lying around the house.

Running Personal Errands is a No-No

Again, when you avail the service of a home cleaning service, expect just that: a cleaner home. You should not expect the cleaners to arrive and do miscellaneous tasks around your house that doesn’t involve cleaning it.

Your assigned cleaner cannot be tasked with picking up or dropping off your kids nor can they be tasked to go to the supermarket for you. No, they also cannot be tasked with repairing broken items in your home.

They are professional cleaners and not all-around handymen. Do not expect them to do tasks outside of their job title.

An excellent home cleaning service provider should be able to provide the regular services listed above in their most basic home package. This way you’ll know whether or not you’re getting the cleaning service you deserve with the amount of money you’ve paid.

On the other hand, an excellent client is one that would know exactly where a house cleaner’s service is limited to. This ensures that no one is led with false expectations and no one ends up dissatisfied with the transaction.

Hopefully, you find the right home cleaning service for you. With the right service provider, you’ll have a clean and happy home on the regular for a long time.


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