How to Select and Grow the Right Moss for Your Shade Garden

How to Select and Grow the Right Moss for Your Shade Garden


Thinking about growing a new plant in your garden? But are highly confused about which one should it be? Should it be a flowering plant or a perennial; something that makes the environment good or something that is soothing to the eye? There are so many questions that come into the mind of people whenever they think about growing a plant in their backyard or garden. If you too are confused, then why don’t you prefer growing mosses ? If not many, a single would also be enough as a starter; because we bet, once you grow one, you won’t pause there.

That’s because there is something about this plant that no one can get bored of or get enough of. The best part is, there are some seasons in which mosses pop up on their own. Sometimes in the bare lawn or sometimes from the branch of a tree.

Few things to know about moss

  • If you are planning on getting this plant for your garden, there are again a lot of things you will have to sort first. Starting with the basics, you will first have to see which mosses grow well with shade and which ones you can plant under the sun. A lot of things have to be taken into consideration when it comes to checking with mosses.
  • Then you should also be aware of the fact that mosses love moisture. They thrive in moist rich places. And most of their species love the shade. Sun becomes a bit harsh for them.
  • And generally, mosses love to grow in acidic soil because nothing, it’s just that they love it.
  • There are not a lot of parameters that have to be checked while caring for the mosses but yes, needless to say; one has to be very careful about the sun. If you leave the moss in the open the sun rays will destroy it. Making it brown and crunchy.

Once you have selected the type of mosses from the category, then you will have to simply answer a few questions before.

When should you plant moss?

This is a very crucial question that tails the decision of planting moss and then the type you will be choosing. The best time to plant moss is during the rainy season or monsoon. This is the time when rain makes the environment cool and moist. On the other hand, during this season the sun remains a bit light on the plant. While you choose this month, it will be easier for you to plant your moss in the garden.

How to grow the moss

Once you have found the right place for your mosses the next step is to plant them. Here are a few easy steps to plant them.

  • Before putting the roots or the plant, you will have to clear the patch or unroot any grass or other weed from the spot. It will be just like you plough a field.
  • Once this is done, you will have to level the field for sowing the plant. If the previous process is done a bit better, you should bring up the soil which is the second layer.
  • Take some soil and have a look at the acidity. You can simply check it using any of the methods already online. One of the best and easiest is to use a pH strip.
  • Water the soil to make it moist and then lay the moss. Whatever sheets you have bought from the market, just place them in the area. But before you move ahead, keep a light pebble or rock on the top. It will neither kill the plant nor let it drift with a gust of wind. The pebble will work as an anchor.
  • Once you have done the above steps right, all you need to do is keep the moss in shade as well as moist. Spray water on it regularly.

All these steps are very necessary and important at the same time. You will have to take care of all of these.


This is a quick guide to make you understand a few important things about mosses. Though there are not many things that have to be kept in mind, yes the above given are truly important and should be considered keeping in mind. Make sure they are adhered to for the long life of the plant.


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