How You Can Benefit From Underfloor Heating In Exeter

How You Can Benefit From Underfloor Heating In Exeter


When it comes to home heating, you might think that heating pipes are the best option for you. However, in recent years underfloor heating has gained momentum as a popular heating solution for homes and businesses of all sizes. If you’re interested in trying out this new technology, take a look at the benefits of underfloor heating here!

Pros and Cons of Underfloor Heating

 However, like anything else, there are pros and cons to using this type of heating. Here are the top five benefits of underfloor heating: 

  1. It’s environmentally friendly – Underfloor heating doesn’t use any gas or oil, and it’s also very efficient because it uses little energy.
  1. It’s affordable – Unlike other types of heating, underfloor heating is relatively affordable. Plus, if you have a central heating system, you can use underfloor heating as an extra layer of warmth without spending a lot of money on separate equipment.
  1. It’s adjustable – Underfloor heating can be adjusted to your specific needs, so you can get the level of heat you want exactly where you need it. This means that you can avoid getting too hot or too cold in your home.
  1. It’s comfortable – Underfloor heating is knon for its comfort because it keeps the temperature consistent throughout the entire floor. This means that even people who are tall or have big feet will be able to use underfloor heating without having to worry about being uncomfortable

Cost of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your home warm during the colder months. Not only is it affordable, but it can also be very environmentally friendly. Here are some ways you can benefit from underfloor heating in Exeter:

  1. Save money on your energy bills. Underfloor heating is an efficient way to heat your home, and as a result, you’ll likely save money on your energy bills. Depending on the type of underfloor heating you choose, you could be saving up to 50% on your energy bill!
  1. Keep your home healthy and comfortable. Underfloor heating is effective at retaining moisture in the flooring, which helps to keep your home healthy and comfortable. In addition, it can help to reduce the amount of cold air that enters your home in winter.
  1. Keep your floor clean and free from debris. Underfloor heating requires less maintenance than traditional heating methods, which means that your floor will stay clean and free from debris. This is great for both aesthetic reasons and because it’s easier to clean any accidents that may happen on the floor.

Installation Process

Adding underfloor heating to your home can be a great way to keep you warm and comfortable all year round. Here we will outline the installation process for underfloor heating in Exeter.

Assuming you have a good level of DIY experience, the installation process for underfloor heating is fairly simple. 

Remove the existing flooring and insulation. Underfloor heating works best when there is plenty of air circulation beneath the floorboards, so make sure to remove any built-up insulation and flooring. This will help to improve the performance and effectiveness of your heaters.

Install thermal insulation on top of the new floorboards. This is generally a two-part process – first you need to install an adhesive layer, which will provide a secure base for the insulation; then you need to install the actual insulation material. Make sure that you use a high-quality insulation product, as low-cost options may not provide adequate thermal protection. Once both steps are complete, add any finishing touches (like trimming or painting) and you’re ready to go!


Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your feet warm and cosy in the winter, and it can also help to reduce moisture build-up in your home. Not only that, but underfloor heating is an environmentally friendly option that doesn’t require any extra energy or maintenance. If you are interested in adding underfloor heating to your home in Exeter, be sure to speak with a professional contractor who can help you choose the right system for your needs.


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