Importance of getting a reliable property valuation

Importance of getting a reliable property valuation


Getting a professional property valuation from experts like Rushden estate agents is a crucial step in the selling process since you need to know the value of your property before you put it on the market. Your property’s worth will be influenced by a number of variables, including its location, state, and characteristics, as well as by market conditions at the time and the state of the overall economy. Most homeowners underestimate the value of their property because they are unaware of its true worth.

These days, obtaining a property valuation is rather simple, and many websites now provide online valuations. You should exercise caution when receiving an instant valuation since not all of the numbers you obtain will be accurate or reliable. We’ve looked at some of the key reasons why getting a professional property valuation is so crucial below. Preferably, you should choose a local estate agent with expertise in the real estate market for your valuation.

Many thousands of pounds could be lost.

While your property might sell quickly if it is undervalued, you will lose out on a sizable sum of money. It can be quite frustrating to not receive the full value of your home, and it might even make it more difficult for you to buy a new home. It’s critical that you obtain acceptable bids from potential purchasers if, for instance, you intend to use the proceeds from your sale as a deposit on your next house. Hence, you must be careful to set the proper price when you list your home for sale. You can make the process easy and quick when you get in touch with experts like estate agents in Wellingborough.

Your home could spend a very long period on the market.

On the other hand, you won’t likely get much attention if you overvalue your home and list it for sale for much more than it’s really worth. If you’re asking for thousands of pounds more than your home is worth, potential buyers won’t enquire about it and they won’t schedule a viewing. Sadly, the longer your home sits on the market, the more difficult it will be to sell, and you might eventually need to drastically lower your asking price to below market value.

Sale might fail

Even if a buyer is prepared to pay the excessive asking price you list your property for, this doesn’t guarantee a successful sale. For instance, if your buyer needs a mortgage to buy your home, the mortgage company will conduct their own appraisal. It’s improbable that your buyer will be able to obtain the necessary mortgage if the mortgage valuation is significantly lower than the accepted offer. This could make your sale fall through, forcing you to restart the entire selling procedure.

Missing the property you wanted

There is a danger that you will pass up your dream home if you’ve already identified the property you want to buy but are having trouble selling your house because of its market value. The majority of sellers won’t want to wait around for your home to sell, especially if they’re also buying a new home and the chain depends on them selling in a decent amount of time. In the end, obtaining a trustworthy property appraisal helps avoid a wide range of chain-related issues.

Your selling process will be a lot more difficult.

The process of selling a home may be highly stressful, and it will be considerably more difficult if your home is undervalued or overvalued. Getting a reasonable appraisal can help you avoid all of the aforementioned problems, which can be avoided entirely and take the fun out of moving. Make sure you choose a reliable and skilled estate agent for your valuation because anything you can do to make the selling process simpler is always advised.

When looking for an experienced estate agent to help you sell your house, the value of having a good assessment shouldn’t be understated. When you ask professionals for help with the sale of your property, you may steer clear of all of the aforementioned problems because their suggestions and direction are backed by extensive knowledge and years of experience.


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