You may not understand the terms used by roofing companies if you require roof service. This area is not the responsibility of a roofer. Most of the attention given to it occurs when someone needs to be called to repair. It’s easier to get started with roofing by being familiarized with the most important terms and information.

When you know the most common terms used by roofers, you’ll be able to ask fewer questions.

  • Ridge: An intersection of two roof plans that forms a horizontal peak.
  • Ridge Vent: A vent that runs along the peak on the roof and allows warm air to escape.
  • Deck is The roof’s base or structure. The deck is typically made of plywood or wood.
  • Flashing: Waterproof construction used for roof intersections and panes.
  • Valley: An intersection of two sloping roofing roofs joined at an angle to allow water to run off the roof.
  • Square: A square of a roof equals 100 square feet of food space.
  • Eave: A border that extends from a roof onto a wall.
  • Gable: A section in a triangle of the outer wall that runs to the roof pea. Gable roofs are also available.
  • Hip: A hip is the intersection between two roof planes, which meet at a sloped hill.
  • Overlayment: The underlayment is a protective layer that is applied between the deck, shingles and the deck.
  • Rake: The outer edge of the roof from the roof ridge to the eave.
  • Hand Sealing: hand-sealing refers to the manual sealing of shingles. While this is not necessary for every roof job, it is required in some cases such as steep roofs and homes that are located in colder areas.

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This is only a small list of terms that are important to know. However, it will give you an edge that you don’t have before to make it easier to communicate with the contractor and get service. If you take the time to do your research, your roof will not be difficult. It’s so easy to learn about your roof.

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