Kitchen as the heart of our home

Kitchen as the heart of our home


Our kitchen is one of the main parts of our home. Mostly, it is considered as the most important room as it is included in our day-to-day living. In our rich history, the evolution of it started when different ways of cooking were invented. In ancient times, food was cooked over an open fire only. As the year passes by, only the homes of the wealthy people had their kitchen in a separate room. It says that the room is usually next to the bathroom so that the heat will be both felt in both rooms.

In the Middle Ages, wealthy homes had started to have more than one kitchen. Also, this is when the room is divided based on the type of food preparation. It serves as a place for social purposes and gatherings. Throughout this time, the open fire method is the only way of heating and cooking food. Over the years, the fireplace was starting to build in bricks at the center of every house. It continues to serve as an area of day-to-day family gathering and bonding.

In castles and churches, the kitchen room was in a different building wherein servants were prohibited from entering the main castle or church during those times. It is due to the smoke that can get from cooking. It says in the history that the country of Japan started to separate the kitchen room with the main building. In this time, the different construction, design, and renovations of the kitchen room was predominantly or starting being practiced.

Different factors brought significant changes to our kitchen:

  1. Technology – Through our technology, we accomplish many things easily. We adapt to new learning as the world keeps on developing every day. In the kitchen, we can cook in just a short amount of time. It saves both time and effort in preparing and cooking any food that we want.
  2. Needs – In our current century, our needs differ from the old times. Today, we want a kitchen with a modern touch wherein we can easily access to the room.
  3. Food recipe – Most of us love food. We love to eat and share. Different recipes and different kinds of food were invented and popularized during this time. Some kitchens were built and organized through these different kinds of preparing the food.
  4. Industrialization – Our modern equipment has primarily shown us how our kitchen transformed.
  5. Area – Nowadays, we consider the size and comfort of our family on how we build and design our kitchen.
  6. Cost – Our budget in the construction of our home is one of the factors on how we will design the different parts of it.
  7. Trends – In our modern days, we quickly follow what is trending in our time. We started to design our kitchen, and for those who have an old-style, they renovate it. This allows the owner to apply what he or she wants personally.

These different factors brought to different kitchen design and renovations. Nowadays, we have modern and various great themes that we may choose from for our kitchen. The award-winning “FARMERS Kitchens” will allow you to style your door, select the color you love, accessorize your kitchen. They will allow you to put a character in the kitchen you considered as the heart of your home.


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