Know Top 6 common problems that can strike your refrigerator

Know Top 6 common problems that can strike your refrigerator


A refrigerator is an inevitable appliance in every kitchen. It runs quietly in our kitchen, and we don’t even think about them until the appliance fails. We can’t assess what has gone wrong with one glance at your refrigerator. It might be interesting to know that all the households in the US own a refrigerator. If the family is slightly bigger, they have two or more refrigerators. That is the reason why the number of refrigerator breakdown is more than any other household appliances. Out of the total appliance damage claims, more than 40 percent were refrigerator claims.

What are the common problems that can strike your refrigerator?

1. A sudden surge of voltage:

When there is a sudden rush of power into the appliance, it may fail due to a sudden increase in the temperature of the fridge. When the appliance heats up, it may burn many parts of the complex machine. A significant burn in the important parts of the fridge such as compressor, ice maker, or the control board would damage the entire electronic device. The control board, ice maker, and control board can be repaired easily without making a hole in your pocket. Call a professional immediately for refrigerator repair.

2.Lack of proper maintenance of the appliance:

Refrigerator is an electronic device that requires frequent maintenance. If there is a lack of proper maintenance of this appliance, it will reduce the lifespan of your fridge. The usual lifetime of a fridge is 17 years. If you are negligent and fail to take proper care of your appliance, it may break down due to constant use. The compressor may fail to work, or the fan motor may stop working. If you have a costly fridge, go for replacing the compressor that may offer long-run benefits.

3.The thermostat may be faulty:

A failing thermostat may stall the working of the whole appliance. When the thermostat is not working, it will not pass the start command to the capacitor. As a result, the fridge will not turn on. If it doesn’t work, remove the easily perishable items in it at once. Otherwise, you will waste the food you kept inside the fridge a couple of days ago. Replace the thermostat or call a repairman to look into the refrigerator repair problem effectively.

4.The appliance doesn’t have enough coolant:

Usually, the coolant cools the air in the fridge and keeps the contents of the appliance safe from damage. When there is no enough coolant, the device may fail, and you have to go to the nearest refrigerator shop to fix it. A professional repairman will visit your home to refill the coolant.

5.Dirty condenser coils:

When the coils placed at the back of the fridge are dirty due to the passage of time, it may cause the appliance to fail. When there is excess dirt on the condenser coil, the appliance may not become cool. The dirt will cover the condenser and prevents the heat from leaving the appliance. As a result, the fridge will stop working.

Another issue with the compressor is that it will turn on and off so frequently increasing the number of cycles. The device may break down eventually. The problem may be with the condenser coils that turn on and off the device quite frequently. This problem should be attended immediately as it may increase power consumption, leading to hefty electricity bills.

6.Power shortage:

Use a voltage tester device and check the inflow of power to the device. If there is insufficient power inlet to the fridge, the appliance may not work properly. If no DIY techniques work, call a repairman to fix the refrigerator repair.

How to maintain fridge at home?

  • If the fridge door seal is not properly closed, it will utilize more power increasing the power bill. Every time you open the refrigerator door, close it tightly. If it doesn’t close, you need the help of a technician to fix refrigerator repair.
  • Wipe the condenser coil now and then to make it work properly.
  • Know that the appropriate temperature is somewhere around 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep in the fridge that stuff that cools down easily. This will help to prolong the life span of the appliance.

Bottom Line

In short, refrigerators are a hard-working appliance that runs throughout the year. Even though the life span of a refrigerator is 17 years, you can extend it to 18 or 19 years through proper maintenance. When a compressor fails to work or compressor coils are so dirty to block the working of the appliance, you have to take into those problems seriously. The compressor coils have refrigerants that let the appliance cool down. If there is insufficient coolant also, the fridge will not work. If you don’t want to call a repairman frequently, maintain the appliance properly.


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