Pool Covers For Swimming Pool Closing

Pool Covers For Swimming Pool Closing


The decision to purchase the pool was made in order to provide more opportunities to spend time at home swimming with family and friends. However, while the pool can provide hours of entertainment during the months of the swimming season, it also requires constant maintenance and service throughout the year. A pool cover can help reduce maintenance and maintenance costs in both time and money.

1. A pool cover will save you many hours of cleaning your pool

Pool covers in Mr Pool Man are very effective at keeping leaves and debris from entering the pool, some more often than others. Some roofs are specially designed for this purpose, such as sheet and debris coverings. It is a type of fabric weave that exceeds the size of the pool surface in order to overlap the pool circumferentially. They are attached at regular intervals around the pool, and although the fabric is porous, it is so thin that it even provides good protection against dust entering the pool.

Solar pool covers, by comparison, are very similar to thick bubble wrap and also help keep debris out of the pool. While their main advantage is stopping evaporation and raising the water temperature, when placed correctly, they can also go a long way in keeping your pool clean. In both cases, you can save time on keeping your pool clean.

2. The pool cover can extend the swimming season by heating the pool

Solar blankets are also very good at providing and keeping the pool warm. Depending on how much sun the pool gets during the day, a sun blanket can raise the temperature in the pool by up to 8 degrees Celsius. It is a good habit to cover the pool with a cover every night to capture the heat generated during the day.

3. Pool covers are environmentally friendly

Solar pool covers can save up to 97% of water losses due to evaporation. This significantly reduces the need to recharge the pool throughout the year. This means that the pool owner does not draw on city water or collected rainwater stored in tanks to replace water lost through evaporation.

4. Pool covers also save the owner money

Pool cover virtually eliminates water evaporation, but also reduces the amount of chlorine needed to maintain balance in the pool. Using an automatic seawater chlorinator will also shorten the operating time, which saves energy. It’s because; the pool loses most of the chlorine due to evaporation. With virtually no evaporation, chlorine losses are also reduced along with replacement costs.

The cost savings also extend to replacing water lost due to evaporation, which, if replaced through the city’s water supply, would be costly.

Another cost saving is the use of a solar heating system; Pool covers are often used to support solar heating systems. The heat retention capacity of a pool cover usually means that a solar heating system does not need to last that long and therefore saves energy.


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