Get to know about mineral showerhead and mineral beads

Get to know about mineral showerhead and mineral beads


Mineral Showers heads are very almost like typical showers besides for the beads. So, allow us to explain the difference between a mean showerhead and a mineral shower head? Well, average showerheads aren’t for purifying chemicals and harmful minerals from water. A mineral shower head is that the one which has ionic beads that filters and detoxifies the water. This showerhead intends to supply you with water that enhances your hair and skin condition. Hence if you reside in a neighborhood that has ‘hard’ water, a mineral shower head may be a better thanks to reduce the ‘hardness’ of your water and make it ‘soft’. one among the foremost famous and effective mineral showers is that the Eco filter shower head within the market. it’s three sorts of filter balls which will remove the hard minerals and chemicals, adjust the PH value of water, and enrich it with various minerals. There are three sorts of beads within the mineral shower head. These are:

1. Antibacterial Activation Mineralization Stones

Antibacterial Activation Mineralization Stones balls are specifically developed for water purification. they need effective adsorption of lead, chromium, and other toxic heavy metals. Ceramic balls in filtrate shower heads have an exceptional efficiency in anti-bacterial, activation, absorption, purifying, and water refinement.

2. Maifan Stones

Maifan Stone is orange or brown. it’s a definite mineral pebble that has been used for generations to treat several skin ailments. Maifan Stone or Infrared mineral balls have a huge capacity for ion swap and therefore the immersion of dissolvable heavy metals and chemical dirts within the water while providing rich minerals, softening water , and increasing PH alkalinity levels. It contains many micronutrients elements, like copper, selenium, calcium, and magnesium. All important to the physical body . arsenic and other heavy metals like fluoride, bacteria and take away residual chlorine and chloramine.

3. Alkaline Tourmaline Stones

Alkaline Tourmaline may be a grey-coloured semi-precious mineral bead. it’s documented for its unbelievable ability to assist within the individual body’s detoxification procedure and improve blood circulation, ease stress, increase psychological overall health, and strengthen the system operation. Tourmaline bead shower heads give an impressive effect of moisturizing and captivation. It helps you get an outsized number of recovery and beneficial water available and can help enhance your physical and spiritual state. it’s antibacterial properties and deodorant qualities.


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