Smart Looking and Best Using Whip Cream Chargers

Smart Looking and Best Using Whip Cream Chargers


Using the whipped cream dispenser is very simple – pour the cream into the dispenser, close it and fill it with N 2 O using the whipped cream charger. The cream bubbles in it and then starts to solidify by shaking. The pressure gradually gets the whipped cream out of the dispenser. Using the decorating attachment, you can transfer the whipped cream anywhere from coffee to homemade cakes.

The advantage is that the whipped cream in the dispenser lasts for several days if stored correctly. Thanks to professional processing, nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers and dispensers guarantee the freshness of whipped cream for up to 10 days. Cheap dispensers from other manufacturers do not allow this. Check out this site for nitrous oxide whip cream chargers and dispensers

Which size to choose?

When buying a whipped cream dispenser, it is important to have an idea of ​​how much whipped cream you will consume at one time.

  • The size of 0.25 liters is ideal for 2 people. But sitting with friends may not be enough.
  • For a family dinner, choose a larger size, ideally 0.5 lilters.
  • A 1 liter dispenser pays off with more frequent use and in professional kitchens.

How is the whipped cream dispenser cleaned?

It is important to always clean the dispenser so that the cream does not dry anywhere. It can be washed in the dishwasher, but we recommend a more gentle hand wash. Passages are easy to clean with brushes.

Keep the empty dispenser disassembled and clean to prevent the formation of odors, which could then be transferred to the food. This will also extend the life of the rubber seals.

What chargers to use?

Too cheap chargers also contain an admixture of other gases, and it may happen that the whipped cream sometimes does not whip as it should. The purchase of cheap chargers will therefore become significantly more expensive. We recommend the nitrus oxide whipped cream chargers.

What cream in the cream dispenser?

32-33% cream is ideal. You cannot use cooking cream or any other cream below 28%. Conversely, when using more than 33% cream, the whipped cream may be whipped.

Council in conclusion

Do not fill the dispenser to the brim, as this would not cause optimal whipping. On the contrary, a smaller filling does not matter.Keep the empty dispenser disassembled for longer life and clean taste.

Each is electronically weighed and provided with its own serial number. They do not load the needle, just like ordinary chargers and guarantee up to five times the volume.

A safe dispenser is identified, for example, by its inwardly convex bottom, which protects the pressure and thus overall safety.

Wondering how to combine the two words? Very easy!

The whipped cream dispenser can easily handle, for example, whipped cream flavored with caramel, vanilla or Baileys. People all over the world love all coffee creations, from latte macchiato to the famous Viennese coffee.Customers in restaurants, hotels and bars also expect a richer offer of coffee – than just the one with milk foam or ordinary unflavored whipped cream.


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