More Details About Steel Frames Construction And Its Process

More Details About Steel Frames Construction And Its Process


One of the main purposes of steel is construction, as it is widely used in construction projects. Builders tend to use steel to build frames, and it is one these frames where concrete is layered to form buildings. For such purposes, special kinds of steel are used. This steel offers tensile strength to the building and also contributes to its longevity. Concrete structures are generally strong, but they tend to collapse under pressure, especially during natural disasters. Steel offers that missing resistance to the concrete structure. Stainless steel especially binds itself strongly to the concrete, and to meet that objective, it is manufactured in a certain way.

Use Of Steel Frames 

To be very specific, steel frames are a kind of building process where beams made of steel, especially I beams are used to construct the skeleton of the building. The beams are welded together to form the frame. The steel beams are structured in the form of grids that support the walls and ceilings. This construction technique results in a steel structure that is extremely strong. The biggest buildings in the world, such as the sky scrapers, are built using steel frames.

Considering the enormous strength that steel frames offer, they have a very diverse use. They are used not just to make really tall and sturdy buildings, but also in other types of projects. A few of the areas where steel frames are used are residential buildings, industrial buildings, warehouse buildings, temporary structures, and so on.

Production Of Steel Frames

The steel beams or studs used in the steel frames are mainly cold formed steel. Generally, galvanized steel, the one that is coated with zinc, is processed to form the I Beams used in Steel frames. The steel used in steel frames can be both hot rolled and cold rolled steel. Even during the development of these steel frames, cold framing techniques are used, and the resulting structure is known as lightweight steel framing or LSF. There are different types of steel building construction modules that happen to fall under steel frame building technique.

When it comes to the production of steel used in steel frames, it all goes back to the same step that is heating the steel billets. Even other types of structural steel like rebars and stainless steel are produced by following the same process. As the rebars go through rebar work and rebar detailing to shape the final product, even steel frames steel goes through similar processes.

Kinds of Steel Frames Buildings

The steel frames are of different kinds, and they serve different purposes. There is the conventional steel fabrication where steel beams are cut in appropriate lengths, and they are welded together to form the structure. Then, there is the bolted steel fabrication where steel components are finished in the factory itself, and are simply bolted together on the site. Both the techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are quite a few companies in Nepal that produce such steel products, however, one of the most trusted ones is Hama steel 

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