Top 4 Things That Will Void Your Roof Warranty

Top 4 Things That Will Void Your Roof Warranty


Your roofing system is responsible for protecting your home and your home is one place that requires ongoing protection. Homeowners often make mistakes that could void their overall roofing warranty and one of the most common ways that homeowners can prevent problems with a roof is by carrying out regular maintenance. Here are some of the top things that you could do that may void your roofing warranty:

Pressure Wash

If you’ve spotted the signs of algae or plant growth on your roof, you might be considering hosing it off with a pressure washer. Many roofing materials are not designed to hold up to the pressure from one of these devices. You could start to erode some of your roofing materials with one of these high-pressure washes.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels can also save you money on your energy bills and increase the value of your home but installing solar panels on your roof could potentially void the warranty of your roofing materials. Contact your roofing contractor and your solar panel installer to make sure that the installation process will not void your warranty first.

Using Your Roof As An Entertaining Space

There are many homeowners that walk on their roofs to clear out gutters, check for signs of trouble, and some people that like to hang out on top of their roof as well. Walking on the roof regularly could lead to a void of your roofing warranty. It’s better to clean up gutters and do inspections using a ladder and without walking on your roofing materials.

Lacking on Roofing Maintenance

Any of the residential roofing warranties that last 20 years expect that a homeowner is going to take the necessary steps in caring for their roof. If you haven’t performed regular inspections on your roof and you’ve more or less ignored its care, there’s a chance that you could end up with a roofing system that has a voided warranty.

Keep some of these top four things in mind so that you can preserve the warranty on your roofing systems. Contact us today if you are in need of roofing inspections or maintenance.

This post was written by Reggie Reed! Reggie is a state-certified roofing contractor and co-owner of Reggie Reed Roofing, the best Pinellas County roofing company. He is a 4th generation roofing contractor. RR Roofing offers a wide variety of roofing services for residential homes, apartment complexes, condos, commercial buildings, churches and more. Reggie enjoys dedicating his spare time to helping underprivileged youth in his community and traveling with his family and friends.


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