What are boilers and how to install HVAC SYSTEMS?

What are boilers and how to install HVAC SYSTEMS?


The boiler is a very important element for our house since it is in charge of the heating and the Sanitary Hot Water that we need. If you are looking for the best boilers of 2020, you can find it on the internet easily.

For this reason, it is essential to know the processes that are carried out when installing a boiler.

The first priority in this process is that this type of installation should always be done by a certified specialist. It is important to keep this in mind as it is a complex installation so it can be dangerous at times.

Boiler Type

The first step before installation is to check what type of boiler is in front of you. There are different boilersbased onthe combustion chamber and energy efficiency:

According to the combustion chamber

1. Atmospheric Boiler:

This type of boiler takes energy from our home which is necessary for combustion. These boilers are prohibited from 2010 due to their insecurities.

2. Watertight Boiler:

This type of boiler is completely closed and uses outside air. Two ductsare needed for that sort of boiler. One to collect air from the outside and other to extract fumes that are produced in the chamber.

According to energy efficiency

1. Conventional Boiler:

This is the boiler whose average operating temperature can be limited based on its design and is not intended to resist condensation from water vapors so that the fumes come out at a high temperature.

2. Low-temperature Boiler:

This boiler works with temperatures between 35 and 40 ÂșC. It can occasionally produce condensation and adapt the operating temperature according to user demand.

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Besides, it represents energy savings of 15% compared to conventional boilers.

3. Condensing Boiler:

It is the most efficient since it has yields of more than 100%. This boiler uses the heat from the fumes, which condense and makes the flow return to the boiler. This entails energy and economic savings.

It should be noted that the Royal Decree on Thermal Installations in Buildings requires new buildings to install condensing boilers and in existing buildings, it can only be installed non-condensing if there is a smoke outlet that goes directly to the roof.

Installation Requirements

The next step is to know how the smoke outlet is going to be installed and to order the boiler model that best suits our installation.

The model will depend on the space that we have planned for the boiler and on the different smoke outlets, hydraulic connections, and fuel connections available in our home.

Importance of Fuels

Another consideration to take into account when installing a boiler is deciding which fuel to use: natural gas, propane gas, biomass, etc.

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The choice will depend on the supply possibilities that are close to our home.

Certified HVAC mechanic specifications

  • Work carefully and accurately, following specifications and often interpreting plans and diagrams.
  • Have mathematical skills to perform accurate calculations.
  • Know the importance of health and safety in this sector.
  • Enjoy in good physical shape.
  • Show interest in the way buildings is constructed.
  • Don’t be afraid of heights as you may need to work on hanging platforms.
  • He must have good manual skills.


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