What are the Benefits of Insulating Your Basement?

What are the Benefits of Insulating Your Basement?


When your basement is unfinished, it’s uncomfortable – it’s damp because it’s below grade; it’s drafty because there’s air leakage; and it’s cold because there’s no insulation. The bare walls and concrete construction do not provide comfort elements.

With basement insulation, the space becomes a comfortable living area in both winter and summer. But there are many more benefits to insulating the basement. Truth is, basement insulation is one of the best renovations you can make in a home.

When professionally installed, basement insulation will reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. In Toronto and southern Ontario, where temperature extremes are quite common winter and summer, the savings can be very substantial.

The Benefits of Insulating a Basement

With a professional install, and quality products, a well-insulated basement can provide a host of benefits. Undesirable airflow is blocked. Air moisture is controlled. Energy efficiency is enhanced. And indoor comfort is dramatically improved from season to season. When the basement is properly insulated energy consumption is reduced in both summer and winter.

Enhancing Indoor Comfort

With the right product combination, and professional installation, a properly insulated basement can be very comfortable throughout the year. It’s warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s a quieter indoor space. There are fewer drafts and fewer “cold spots”. Even indoor air quality is improved because air circulation and ventilation have been enhanced.

 Reducing Energy Consumption

With high performance insulation throughout the basement, less energy consumption is required to maintain a comfortable temperature. As such, heating and cooling costs are reduced dramatically – so much so that the annual savings can often “payoff” the cost of an insulation project. With energy efficiency at such a level, a properly insulated basement can realistically add real estate value to a home.

Preventing Freeze Damage

When a basement is well insulated, there’s little chance of any freezing damage or frozen pipes. It’s no wonder that plumbing pipes are most at risk in un-insulated spaces like the basement. What’s important is to insulate the basement space while considering vulnerable plumbing pipes (and related infrastructure). Anything short could pose future problems.

Keeping Moisture Controlled

With the appropriate air sealing and ventilation, insulation minimizes the accumulation of air moisture in the basement. The idea is to create an airtight “building envelope” which eliminates air leakage and keeps air moisture levels controlled. Installing insulation without the appropriate air sealing will definitely diminish many of the benefits of the insulation.

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