Nelson Partners –Purpose Built Student Housing and Its Potential for Income Generation

Nelson Partners –Purpose Built Student Housing and Its Potential for Income Generation


Purpose-built student housing accommodation is booming in the USA and other parts of the globe. It has tremendous income-generating potential and gives you the opportunity to get good returns on investment when the property is sold in the future. Properties close to universities and colleges of significant importance generate the optimal income for property owners, and investing in purpose-built student accommodation projects is indeed a lucrative deal.

Nelson Partners – Assisting property owners with construction management

Nelson Partners is a widely respected and credible student housing real estate development and property management company helping owners enter into this trending lucrative asset class. It was founded in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, a professional with over 14 years of experience in the field. The company is based in San Clemente in California and has a dedicated team of experts that focus on their customers in the USA.

Specialists in student housing projects

The company focuses on the acquisition, development, and management of student housing projects in the nation. When it comes to construction management, it handles the design for its nationwide portfolio as well as for third-party contracts.The team here is experienced, and they have worked on over 35 projects worth $750 million. They exercise due diligence in all their projects and work closely with the operations and the acquisitions teams to ensure tasks relating to the business plan, construction, and stabilization of the project are completed seamlessly.

Besides the above tasks of daily management and the monitoring of the project design, the project consultants and the construction team are involved in the underwriting process that takes care of the long-term planning related to capital, budget, and the management of facilities.

The company’s focus is to look for properties and tracts of plots that are suitable for the development of student housing and multi-family projects throughout the USA. Generally, the company invests directly, but they consider joint-venture projects too.

Good locations

The company believes that the housing accommodation for students should be in well-located places, preferably near the campus. This will balance the economic stability of the university or college and cater to the demand with reduced volatility over the macro-economy.

The strategy of Nelson Partners is to target properties that are well-located within walking distance of the campus.  They identify these properties and, with their expertise in property management, add value to them.

Student housing real estate development also has another advantage. Compared to other real estate investments, these properties are immune to recession and economic downturns. Moreover, after some years, when they are sold, they generate high returns on investments for the property owners.

This is why they are so popular among investors today

These properties give you stable, consistent income, and the occupancy rates will never be zero. Students are taking admissions in colleges and universities every year and will always look for convenient off-campus accommodation to focus on their academic goals with success! Investing in them is surely a smart and wise choice.


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