When to Refinish Your Flooring

When to Refinish Your Flooring


Sometimes despite your best efforts, the floors in your home will need to be refinished or replaced. Even the most diligent of homeowners will have to replace or refinish flooring at some point. Read the information below so you can be sure you know when it is time for you to take that leap.

Marble Floors

Marble floors are classic and stunning, but they do tend to lose some of their luster over time. You will know you need marble refinishing Manhattan NY when certain areas become noticeably dull compared to other areas. This typically appears in high-traffic portions of the floor. You can attempt to refinish marble floors yourself, but this can be a difficult process and mistakes could end up costing you more in replacement flooring than you would have spent to have the floor professionally restored.

Hardwood Floors

Even with a high-shine seal, hardwood floors are prone to scratching. If you live in a busy home with children and pets running around, your hardwood floors are likely to become dull and scratched. You can keep area rugs over areas that see a lot of foot traffic, but unless you cover the entire surface, some part of your hardwood flooring will be exposed. If you have noticeable scratches, dull areas or discoloration on your floors, it is time to consider having them refinished. Although you can refinish them yourself, this takes considerable labor and skill. If you have never done this before and don’t have a friend with experience, it is probably wise to leave this task to the professionals.

After a few times being refinished, your hardwood professionals may recommend having the floors replaced. This is because the floorboards can only be sanded down so far, and each refinish requires sanding. If you have already had your hardwood floors refinished several times, it could be time to replace them.

Strongly Consider Using Professionals

Although refinishing your floors seems feasible and is very tempting because it will save you a good bit of money, refinishing them improperly can cost you days of time and heaps of cash as well. Some things are not worth attempting on your own, and this is often one of them.

Expensive flooring may require refinishing after years of use. Marble and hardwood floors especially show their age in high-traffic areas of the home such as hallways and entryways. Care for them well, but also understand when it’s time to bite the bullet and have them refinished.


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