Karndean Flooring Distributors Guide

Karndean Flooring Distributors Guide


Setting up a new floor can be really expensive depending on the size of your home or the area you want to cover. Investing a bit of time into finding the right manufacturer and type of platform, you can save a lot of money. There are many kinds you can choose from and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It can’t be hard to make a decision on your own so better call a professional to take a look and give their opinion. It would be best if you know someone who has knowledge in this field. If you don’t, you can surf online and check some of the best like karndean flooring distributors. The market is very competitive but it isn’t very hard to find the best in your area.

Type of Flooring

There are a lot of types you can choose from because you can order a specific material for a certain cost. But, one of the most used is solid wood which has great wear resistance and natural warmth. An advantage is that it can be refinished several times if needed. A disadvantage is that it gets affected by humidity which can dent it and it can also be affected by the sunlight which changes its color.

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Engineered wood is a bit different because it is made of thin layers which are a good thing considering it resists humidity better. It can be as durable as solid if it is high-quality so make sure you find a reputable manufacturer. There aren’t major cons that will be a problem but everything depends on the seller and what they offer. There’s linoleum made of wood and linseed oil considered as a natural material. The resistance to dents, scratches and wear depends on the quality.

A great thing about laminate is that it can mimic anything. It is made out of dense fiberboard with a clear-plastic protective layer. If it is high quality, it won’t lose its color on sunlight and it will resist scratching. Looking from a design point of view, it can look worse than other options because it looks fake. Get more information here: https://www.homestratosphere.com/flooring-types/

Vinyl and Porcelain are the last two types you will find in every store. Vinyl is excellent against scratches, dents, wear and discoloration and quite easy to install. It can also mimic other materials but is noticeable if you look closer. Porcelain has the most disadvantages over other kinds and can be very challenging if not properly approached. You will waste a lot of time and money on preparing the subfloor if it isn’t perfectly smooth.

Make a Checklist

Making a checklist is the best way to organize yourself if you don’t have a budget for your designer. Besides hiring a professional to take care of the flooring, you will need to make some decisions on your own. The first thing should be sampling which will help you determine which model is great for your home. You can do it online if you have a clear view of the product.

Make sure the pattern is consistent and they didn’t take the material for two batches. Another important thing is measuring to avoid mistakes because even an inch can be a big problem. You can always buy a little bit extra so you can correct the mistakes if they occur. Preparing the floor and checking out the manufacturer are the last two things on the list.

How to Save Money?

There are a few ways you can save money including research, in-stock inventory, install it yourself and using a discount. The research will mean the most to you because more expensive doesn’t mean it will be better. Some manufacturers have low prices for the material you need just because they specialize in it. You can ask a professional for a recommendation if you know they will give a valid one. Read more on this link.

In-stock inventory is associated with sellers that buy trucks of the same material for a cheaper price which is passed on the customer. This way, it will still be high-quality at a low price. If you have the right tools and know what you are doing, managing it yourself will save you a lot of money. You can find someone to assist you if you have trouble managing it.


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