Why are my Gutters so Loud?

Why are my Gutters so Loud?


Many people love the sound of rain falling. It is soothing and relaxing, and there are those that even play these sounds on speakers while they sleep. But sometimesthe sound of rain can be loud and distracting, especially if it is coming from your drainage gutter systems. The experts at Global Gutter Systems tell us that there are a number of reasons for noisy gutters and downspouts.

What Causes Noisy Gutters?

A major cause of noisy gutters is a blockage, and this is very common in gutters that are not regularly maintained and cleaned. Twigs, leaves, pine needles, and bits of trash can all end up in the gutters.Over time, they can gather and clog the gutters. When rainwater does not have a clear path through the gutters, it can start to flow over the sides, causing the loud dripping noise.

If your gutters are making a loud dripping sound or if you can see water flowing over the sides, it is best to get up there to have a look for any blockages, which can be easily removed. You should then consider regular checks to prevent this problem from reoccurring.

Loose brackets are another cause of noisy gutters. Many people don’t ever think about maintaining their gutter system and so are not awareof the many reasons why brackets become loose. It can happen during heavy downpours or during storms with high winds. Sometimes, people cause brackets to come loose themselves without even realizing. It might be because they have stepped on a part of the gutter while up on the roof or because they have hung heavy Christmas decorations from the gutters.

Gutters with loose brackets can become very noisy. As they move about, the water inside them moves too and often makes a noisy sound as it reaches the downspout. To avoid this becoming a big issue, you should regularly check the screws on all the brackets to ensure they are tight.

Sometimes, loud gutters are the result of a downspout that has not been installed correctly. It could be that there is not enough of a tilt in the downspout to allow the water to flow softly along the edges. In this case, the water might fall loudly to the bottom of the spout, creating a loud noise. If this is the case, it might be worth getting the professionals in to have a look and make the necessary adjustments.

Tips and Tricks for Noisy Gutters

If you are looking for a short-term solution to your noisy gutters until you can get the experts in to have a look, there are a few things you can do. Some people will put a sponge in the bottom of their downspout, which stops the loud noise. However, this is not a long-term fix as the sponge can become moldy over time as it collects water.

You could also consider removing the downspout totally and putting a rain chain there instead. A rain chain is a decorative feature that hangs from the gutter in place of the downspout. The water from the gutters will fall down the chain, thus eliminating the noisy sound of water falling inside an enclosed pipe.


Noisy gutters tend to be caused by a few different issues such as blockages in the gutter pipes, loose brackets, or a downspout that is not angled correctly. These issues can easily be fixed by either yourself or a professional gutter service company. If you are waiting for a company to come out, you can use quick-fix solutions such as a rain chain in place of the downspout or a sponge at the bottom to muffle the dripping sound.


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