Common Types of Toilets To Consider For Your Next Toilet Installation

Common Types of Toilets To Consider For Your Next Toilet Installation


A lot of people think there’s only one standard type of toilet to have in their bathrooms, but the truth is that there are many different toilet styles out there that can actually work better for all sorts of unique needs.

So if you’re currently planning out your next toilet installation, you’re going to want to know what options you have. Below we’ll be going over some of the common types of toilets that are popular on the market today!

Flushing Toilet

A flushing toilet is likely the more conventional type of toile that you’re used to, because it initiates water into your pipeline as your pull the toilet’s trigger or push a button.

The opposite of this toilet style would be dry toilets, which means there is no water when you flush. However, it’s important to also remember that there are many different types of flushing toilets out there and they all have their pros and cons!

One-Piece Toilet

This is the toilet style in which the entire toilet is one, cohesive unit. This means that you’ll have a decent toilet seat and everything else that a flushing toilet provides, but you don’t need to worry so much about putting your tank and seat together during your installation process.

All you need to do during this toilet installation is place the unit up against the wall and properly connect the hoses and piping connections!

Two-Piece Toilet

Two-piece toilets are very common all throughout the United States and beyond, and this toilet entails a bowl and water tank that are separate from one another. One thing that’s great about these toilets is that the tank itself is capable of holding a large volume of water for each flush.

Two-piece toilets are also well liked for their overall durability.

Up flush Toilets

Up flush toilets are growing in popularity in recent years, particularly for homes and properties that are very remote. What’s interesting about these toilets is that they don’t require a drain line, and they’re also 100% mobile.

Small Compact Toilets

This is a good option if you’re looking to do a toilet installation in a rather small bathroom, because small compact toilets don’t require much space at all. So if you’re short on space in your bathroom, you might want to consider this option.

Most of the time, these toilets are wall-mounted, so they also look cool in modern bathrooms!

Corner Toilets

There are many times in which people simply don’t have the right type of space for a conventional toilet, which is where corner toilets come in to make things easier within obscurely shaped bathrooms. The main distinction of these toilets is the triangular-shaped tank that is specifically designed to fit into a bathroom’s corner.

So when you’re in a bit of a pickle for your next toilet installation in terms of space, consider a corner toilet to open up the rest of the bathroom’s floor plan.

Elongated Toilets

Elongated toilets are becoming incredibly popular in recent years, mainly because this type of oval shape is considered to be the correct shape for people’s butts. The top benefit for this type of toilet is its overall comfort for adults, and it’s quickly becoming the go-to shape as compared to round toilets.

Reach Out To Your Local Plumbing Team When You’re Planning Your Next Toilet Installation Project!

Toilet installations are becoming popular again, partly because a lot of people got new toilets around 2000 and are starting to see plenty of improvements throughout the industry in recent years. Toilets are meant to last forever, and if yours is over 15 years old then it might be time to consider a new one.

And if you are currently planning out your next toilet installation project, you’re going to need professional help. These installations simply aren’t DIY projects, because inexperienced people can often make matters much worse when incorrectly installing a new toilet.

So always put your trust in your local plumbing experts when you’re looking to install a new toilet at your home or business!


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