Why Should You Get a Geothermal HVAC System?

Why Should You Get a Geothermal HVAC System?


Have you ever unreal of a home with associate degree energy associate degreed cost-effective HVAC system? A home wherever the temperature is often pleasant and there’s no sight of an AC or a heater? geothermic HVAC systems build those dreams a reality. Geothermal heating and cooling make the most of the subterranean temperatures to produce cooling and heating throughout all four seasons.

How it works:

The earth has insulating properties, that makes the underground temperatures be additional constant throughout the full year. Typically, a geothermic system consists of an enclosed handling unit and a buried system of pipes that contain water (called earth loops). throughout the winter, the bottom absorbs the sun’s energy that then gets absorbed by the pipes. The liquid in these pipes carry the warmth throughout the whole earth loop system into your setup, that sends the heated air to the whole thing of your house.

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Essentially, a geothermic HVAC system takes advantage of the underground temperatures and uses them to produce free energy for your home. For the summer months, the system gets reversed: the warmth pump removes heat from the building and deposits within the earth.

Why do you have to Get a geothermic HVAC System?

  1. A geothermic setup reduces energy prices by 30%-70%! you’ll usually recoup the price of the installation through the savings in but ten years.
  2. they’re effective with each cooling and heating, and you’ll engineer your geothermic HVAC system to want no further backup heat supply if desired. as a result of it’s each a cooling and a utility, you’ll cut maintenance prices as there area unit fewer components that may break.
  3. this technique is often manufacturing. as a result of it doesn’t depend upon wind or daylight however on the stable underground temperatures, geothermic systems area unit continually operating.
  4. Geothermal HVAC systems area unit thought-about a renewable technology: they’ll move up to 5 units of cooling/heating from the world to a building exploitation just one unit of electricity, which implies you’re reducing your carbon footprint.
  5. geothermic HVAC systems area unit quiet and, as a result of there’s no outside instrumentation, neighbors won’t be trouble with any noise.
  6. The synthetic resin piping earth loops will last for generations! the bulk and most significant elements of the systems sometimes have warranties up to fifty years and that they area unit buried (which means that less maintenance!)
  7. Multiple countless heating will happen at the same time, thus you’ll heat your home, water, and pool at constant time!
  8. You don’t want tons of assets to position the synthetic resin piping earth loops. Subject to the characteristics of the vacant lot, the loop is also buried vertically. another choice is sound into associate degree out there geological formation.
  9. geothermic HVAC systems consume NO water! really, once applied commercially, the systems eliminate numerous gallons of water that may otherwise simply been gaseous in cooling towers. And, if you employ associate degree geological formation to exchange heat with the world, the water are going to be came back.
  10. New installation practices area unit reducing the price of geothermic HVAC systems, creating it terribly competitive with the traditional systems.

Can I use geothermic technology?

Ground supply heat pumps may be used all over within the United States! If you’re fascinated by finance in geothermic HVAC systems, contact Highwood Mechanical Contractors! Trust Highwood Mechanical’s specialists and update your HVAC system nowadays.

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Our team has provided for over twenty five years swish services in Connecticut, together with Fairfield, Middlesex, Hamden, New Haven, and Hartford. Don’t wait to start out finance in your geothermic heating and cooling system!


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