3 Reasons Indoor Air Quality Testing Is Important

3 Reasons Indoor Air Quality Testing Is Important


While your air handler circulates cool air throughout your home, that doesn’t mean you’re breathing in something cleaner. The unit lowers the temperature and removes moisture. It doesn’t always filter out the contaminants that buildup in the environment. Therefore, if you suspect that something in your home is making you sneeze or aggravating your allergies, then you may want to look into indoor air quality testing Austin. The process could help you understand more about how you’re living. Here are three reasons the service could benefit you.

1. Detect Mold

Sometimes leaks and water damage go undetected. This lingering humidity may foster mold growth. If you’re smelling something musty, it could be a result of this. Harmful to your house and your health, the spores could be breeding within walls or crawl spaces. They get picked up in the air conditioner and then spread throughout other spaces. Expert testing can identify the organisms, and help you uncover the source. Long-term mold development is problematic to the structure and you. This could be fixed, providing for cleaner air and a better environment.

2. Identify Dust Levels

You may brush off that dust every week with a rag, but it builds up quickly. A common household allergy, excess exposure can aggravate sinuses and eyes. Specialists in indoor air quality testing companies Austin are able to use high-tech equipment to rely on the precise levels within the house. Then, they can recommend appropriate filters to assist in pulling the nuisances out better. For example, UV lights may be installed on the system, killing off the irritants that continue to blow through the air. 

3. Enhance Performance

Crews can assess if the handler is functioning properly. During the analysis, they can compare how well rooms are cooling as well as how well they seem to protect moisture levels. Sometimes a device may be failing in certain areas of the home because the device isn’t strong enough for the building or the vents are not correct. Proper flow is important. During testing, samples may show that corrections should be made to adequately service the entire location. By increasing efficiency, owners may see the device use less energy. In turn, that may mean lower monthly bills.

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Know what you’re breathing in on a daily basis. That awareness gives you the power to control and fix any concerns. In addition, it


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