Importance of having a backup generator

Importance of having a backup generator


You have probably noticed that many times you have run out of electricity due to power breakdown.

Having a backup generator is a very smart idea on the occasion of an electricity-related emergency.

The biggest advantage of having a backup generator is that, in the situation of problems with the supply of electrical energy, you can still rely on this service.

We are going to suggest some top generators of 2020, which are very effective in terms of energy source, price, power production, and size.

These are:

  • Westinghouse iGen2200 with 12 hours of running time
  • WEN 56200i with 9.4 hours of running time
  • Briggs & Stratton Q6500 with 14 hours running time (Most reviewed)
  • Pulsar PG1202s with 8.5 hours running time (Budget-Friendly)

How backup generator works?

A generator is a machine capable of transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy.

That is how they produce electric power to back up the breakdown of electricity.

Utilities of a generator

1. Electric Blackouts

When a storm impacts on your home’s electric supply, a generator will allow you to continue enjoying the electronic devices and the light.

So, you can continue working with your computer, watch TV, have your heater or air conditioner on, and keep essential electrical appliances like the fridge or freezer running.

Generators that are permanently installed to utility power can detect when there is an electricity outage.

Having an enduring home generator installed when there is a storm outside will mean that you will have power without going outside to start up a manual generator.

You cannot use it only for homes, but also in factories and hospitals. In short, you can say generators are a wonderful emergency system.

2. Places without a power grid

If you find yourself in a place, where there is no electric supply, a generator will help you in this regard.

Camping is a great experience since some things far from the home feel nicer such as the first cup of brewed coffee in the morning or a small refrigerator to keep the meat cold.

With the help of a generator, you can enjoy the comforts of other places with a stable electric supply.

For example, it can be helpful in places like:

  • Campsites
  • Plots
  • Orchards

3. In the case of flood

If your home or business place is flooded for some reason and you need to use a water pump, in this case, a generator can be the key to keep the water pump running.

In such cases, generating electricity is vital to solving the problem as quickly as possible.

It is sometimes necessary, to move the generator from one place to another with ease.

If you are interested in this utility, there are wheel kits available in the market that will make this job much easier.

Summing it up

A backup generator allows you to enjoy all the facilities provided by electricity even if there is a power outage.

Choose the generator that suits you the best and enjoy all the advantages that these devices can offer you.


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