4 Reasons to Leave a Hoarding Clean Up to The Professionals

4 Reasons to Leave a Hoarding Clean Up to The Professionals


When a loved one finally admits there is a hoarding problem and seeks help, it’s time to organize some sort of clean up. The most practical way to pursue this task is to hire professionals who understand what a hoarding clean up entails. Here are some of the ways that they will make the process easier for everyone. 


The Task Seems Overwhelming


Loved ones often get their first full glimpse of how bad things are after a hoarder decides that help is needed. The sheer enormity of how much each of the rooms holds is more than most people can imagine. They literally have no idea how they can handle everything and hope to restore some sense of normality. 


Rather than being discouraged, the most practical move is to call in an expert. What seems overwhelming to most people will be another job for someone who has seen similar sites, and maybe even worse ones. The fact that the expert has successfully cleaned out other homes will make the whole task seem a little more doable. 


Hidden Health Hazards


You only see the surface of everything. There is no way to know what is found underneath. Depending on how long the hoarding has been going on, there could be rotting food, the carcasses of lost pets, and even human waste to be found. Those all constitute health hazards that could cause significant harm. 


Experts know what precautions to take in these types of situations. That includes wearing hazmat suits, breathing apparatus, and other measures that ensure no exposure to contaminants takes place. Their experience also ensures they are prepared for whatever may be found as they make their way through the place. 


Including Wild Animals


Contaminants and other hazards aren’t necessarily domestic. Over time, squirrels, rodents, and other wildlife could have entered the home and found plenty of places to build nests and dens. It’s only when they are disturbed that anyone knows they are present. For someone who is unprepared for those finds, the chances of injury are quite real. 


Experts who understand what can happen in a typical hoarding clean up are prepared for these encounters. Thanks to their expertise, it’s possible to deal with any wildlife found at the scene in a responsible manner. Best of all, no one gets hurt. 


The Resources Needed for a Clean Up


Dealing with a hoarding situation involves more than rubber gloves, trash bags, and some basic cleaning supplies. You may not be sure what is needed, but professionals can assess a scene and know exactly what should be transported to the property. Everything needed to empty the interior, and the exterior will be on hand. 


This is great since having resources on-site means the clean up can proceed without any delays. as one truck is filled, another arrives to handle the next load. In less time than you thought possible, what seemed impossible becomes a space that can be used again. 


Never try to manage a hoarding site on your own. Call for help from those who know what to do. In the long run, this will go a long way toward getting things back to normal and giving the loved one a good chance of learning how to control the disorder. 


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