Drain Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know

Drain Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know


Drain pipes play a crucial role in the home and should be maintained in optimal condition. However, you may sometimes experience clogs and buildup, which may result due to various reasons. If this happens, it’s best to engage professionals to help clean the drains and ensure excellent flow.

 What are the common causes of drain clogging?

Your drains may clog due to accumulated oils and fats in the system. This may look harmless, but once the oils coat the walls of your pipings, this results in tough clogs. Food scraps are also another cause of drain blockage. Most residential disposals can only handle minimal amounts of food scraps. If you usually pour coffee grounds, rice, vegetables, and other food remains on your disposal, you are likely to experience clogs over time.

Soap buildup cans also result in blocked drains. Excessive scum forms a stubborn layer and may lead to clogs. It’s advisable to use liquid soap than bar soap, for it leaves behind visible scum. Other causes of drain clogging include mineral buildup hair, foreign objects, wipes, etc.

Where can I get professional drain cleaning near me? A simple online search will expose you to different plumbers in your location. Hire experts with vast experience and licensing to ensure quality work.

Here are drain-clogging tips to know

1. Pour hot water

Hot water is one of the hacks that every homeowner should know. Pouring it into your drain system will clean debris and ensure an excellent water flow. Flushing the drain with hot water will dislodge any minerals and debris buildup and return your pipes to peak performance.

2. Use simple home tools

 I presume you own various tools in your home. Use some basic equipment, such as sink plungers, to unclog bathrooms and kitchen sinks. However, know how to use the plunger and don’t use excessive force. A drain snake will also help. It’s commonly used by plumbers and can help eliminate stubborn clogs in your drains. If you are unable to unclog the pipes, engage a professional plumbing company to help you.

3. Use homemade cleaners

There are various cleaning solutions that you can use to unclog your drains. The most common include vinegar and baking soda, which are common in most homes. They can help dislodge dirt and other debris build up in your pipes and ensure a good water flow.

 These are commonly used and will not damage your pies or cause any structural damage to your drainage system. Pour a cup down the drain pipes and follow with some boiling water; this will help alleviate any clogs. If this doesn’t work, call a professional to help.

Why hire a professional drain cleaning company?

 You can easily damage your drainage systems if you are unsure how to unclog your drains. You may use the wrong equipment and cause significant damage to the piping. Also, some clogs and scum are stubborn and require professionals to avoid further damage to your pipes. It’s then best to engage expert plumbers to determine and fix the issue using proper techniques and tools.


Drain clogs are common in the home, and how you deal with them determines the comfort of your residence. Only hire professionals with the right tools and expertise to handle your drainage system. This way, you will enjoy excellent working drains and s


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