5 tips for cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery

5 tips for cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery


Where interior design offers your home its style, furniture gives it substance, so too do the various carpets, rugs and covers around the house offer a unique texture for your house. It can be warm, welcoming and cosy, with fluffy fibres and a pleasant welcome mat at the entrance. On the other hand, it can feature novel designs, avant-garde aesthetics and more coarse, rigid form. Regardless of how you choose to emphasize your interior, one thing is for certain – you must take diligent care of your home’s fabrics to give off the right impression. Here you can find the best carpet cleaning advice online.

1. Clean regularly

The simplest truth about your fabric in good health is to take care of it regularly. Vacuum daily if possible, or weekly at the rarest. Don’t have the time? Find a carpet cleaning professional to do it for you. The reason for it is that not only does that create a better living environment for you, but it also makes up for less maintenance work later. Instead of having to resort to professional cleaning, regular upkeep can provide you with plenty of short, as well as long-term insurance that your carpets and rugs are sufficiently clean.

2. Act quick

Whenever you notice a spilt drink, crumbs or any other substance typically unwelcome on the carpet surface, make sure to act sooner rather than later. Letting it sit there only increases the odds of it spreading or setting in, neither of which is going to make the act of cleaning up any easier. Take a wet towel and try to blot the place where the mess happened. Remember, don’t smear it – it only makes a carpet wash more inevitable. Instead, focus your effort vertically.

3. Improvise

Worried you may need harmful chemicals to get your carpet cleaned? Think again! You’d be amazed at how many solutions for carpet cleaning you’ve got around your home. Shaving cream can be used to remove dirt stains. Rubbing alcohol is perfect for removing nail polish. Baking soda complete with citrus powder can freshen up your interior; make sure to vacuum it afterwards! Creativity is key to making the most out of your living environment, so why not apply it when cleaning your carpets? Enjoy a wonderful new world of DIY home-cleaning utilities.

4. A fresh look

To refresh your fabric, try brushing off any pieces of fabric or debris that managed to hold on and vacuum it away. Once that’s done, flip over the cushions or other movable parts so that the less-used part is pointed outwards. That should shave a few years off!

Want to be amazed at how fresh and clean your couch can look? Look up affordable deep carpet cleaning services. Especially for older couches, or ones that have seen enough messes throughout their time, a deep cleaning is just what you need to make them as good as new.

5. Get professional help

Occasionally, you could resort to the help of experts for more serious maintenance jobs. The carpet cleaning in Glasgow is excellent, so you will be spoiled for choice. If you’re looking to create a more pleasant environment for your family or want to give someone a nice gift, a complete cleaning of their carpets may help them see the beauty underneath. Similarly, every couple of years, it’s probably best to have the experts take a second look, to avoid any blind spots. It will help prolong the longevity of your home’s fabric and keep the unique texture it has for many years to come.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips!

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